Wp Engine Review – Is the price you pay worthy for your business

If you are reading this WP Engine review, you are definitely searching for a web hosting that gives you the best performance and additional features. Your regular shared hosting is good, but when it comes to performance and in the matter of security, it does not comply with your needs. 

Well in this review I am going to show you all the benefits of getting a premium managed WordPress hosting then a regular shared hosting. WP Engine is one such best web hosting sites for WordPress, providing the managed WordPress hosting for many customers around the globe. 

It is perfect for you to choose a web hosting that protects you in any way and which also provides premium WordPress themes (StudioPress themes) along with the web hosting package which sounds great. 

WP Engine review

In this review, you are going to see all the features you will get within the purchase of a plan in the WP Engine and also the uptime features and performance upon visitors to your site. 

Let us First See why people are choosing WP Engine as their hosting partner other than any other shared hosting. 

I have seen many bloggers who used various web hosting services such as Ipage, A2 hosting and some more.  But due to the heavy configuration of  WordPress to use more than 30 plugins for each website made the hosting servers shouting back at them, from time to time. So most of them have shifted to other VPS servers to have a peace of mind over the web hosting services but among those people who have chosen WP Engine managed WordPress hosting has survived well.

Why use a WordPress specific hosting?

when you host a WordPress site there are many options available in shared hosting but there are some important features that WordPress special needs. The reasons why you need WordPress specific hosting are as follows

  • Security:  security issues to WordPress should be rectified as soon as possible.
  • Support: backend support through hosting.
  • WordPress specific tools: tools that aid the performance of WordPress.
  • Speed: loading speed of the website.
  • Staging:  cloning website to test changes.

Statement of WP Engine

Background of WP Engine

Founded by Jason Cohen, Ben Metcalfe and Cullen WEnginein 2010 was now the most popular managed WordPress provider in the industry.  with the headquarters in Austin Texas and the United States it runs a  world-class network infrastructure it has statistics centres in London to cure and in between East of United States it has more than five hundred thousand customers in 120 countries running websites.

All Plans of WP Engine include

Not just the WordPress managed hosting, with every plan of WP Engine you will get a $2000 worth themes of Studio Press along with Genesis Framework additionally at a price of the plan.

Plans and pricing of WP Engine

WP Engine comes with different plans and different prices for different types of WordPress users. For example, if you are a small business owner, running a website you can choose a Startup plan that supports a single WordPress site which can handle up to 25000 visitors per month. Or you can also choose the Growth plan, if you are your website is being visited by more than 25000 visitors every month. You can feel free to reach us anytime for guidance on choosing the correct plan for your website. The WP Engine Pricing of different plans are as follows

StartUp Plan 

The startup plan is the very basic plan of WP engine which will suit you if you are a small business owner or a blogger maintaining a single website. The pricing of this plan is $25 per month. 

How will this plan suit you? You might think, a single website you are running which gets a 500 traffic/day(15,000 traffic/mo) in this plan. While out there the other web hosting service provides web hosting services for unlimited websites at this price. Well! The truth behind this is, the other web hosting services in the market,  claiming to provide all these facilities at high security will turn you up in shared hosting. With this plan in Wp Engine, you are provided with maximum security with a managed WordPress hosting. It is also most trusted by many WordPress allies like WP Rocket.  

Full plan details:

Growth Plan

The growth plan is for medium business owners and bloggers who maintain multiple WordPress blogs. For websites that receive traffic of 1 lakh visitors per month you can choose this growth plan to host your website. 

How will this plan suit you? The potential risk is very much high for your website that is receiving thousands of visitors every day when compared to smaller websites. Your website needs a high level of security which is not provided by small web hosting providers which even though allow thousands of visitors every day at a lesser price. With the Growth plan of WP engine along with the capability to bare 100000 visitors per month, you will also get high-level security features like SSL certificates and SSH gateway. 

Full plan details:

Scale Plan

The next plan of the WP engine is the scale plan which comes at a price of $241/mo. This plan is capable of bearing visitors of 400000 per month and you can also include up to 30 sites in this plan. This plan is well suited for medium to big sized businesses.

How will this plan suit you? If yours is a business site that gets 10000 visits per day, you should definitely look into shifting to this better web hosting than what you are using right now. Considering your website to have visitors more than 4 lakh per month even beyond the pack price is the greatness of WP engine. WP engine is necessarily the important web hosting partner for your growing business now. 

Full plan details:

Premium Plan

If the scale plan is small for your visitors there are also additional plans for you to choose from. The Premium plan is one for your website getting 700,000 visitors on an average per month at a price of $368/month. You can host up to 50 sites in this plan. With additional features to secure your websites, this plan is best suitable for large websites. 

Full plan details:

Premium 1 Plan

The Premium 1 plan is one for your website getting 1 million visitors on an average per month at a price of $552/month. You can host up to 100 sites in this plan. With additional features to secure your websites, this plan is best suitable for extra-large websites.

Full plan details:

Premium 1.5 Plan

The Premium plan is one for your website getting 1.5 million visitors on an average per month at a price of $828/month. You can host up to 115 sites in this plan. With additional features to secure your websites, this plan is best suitable for extra-large websites.

Full plan details:

Custom select

Do you have a website which the above plans are critical to handle, you don’t need to worry. Just get a quote for your plan. With any additional plan, you will get all the premium facilities of the web hosting. 

Full details:

Features of WP Engine

providing quality content for customers is the biggest task for bloggers.  in the meanwhile it is a bit burdensome to handle other technical tasks of the website. by picking WP Engine as your WordPress partner you can leave these technical tasks to the WP Engine technical support team. you will get many additional benefits than any other web hosting providers like daily backups and automatic plugin updates in WP Engine. By using WP Engine you also don’t have to worry about updates of plugins and installs or any security patches for WordPress.  one-click installation of WordPress is another added advantage in the WP Engine.  the additional features of the WP Engine are as follows


the WP Engine servers are built in such a way that they allow websites to Run 4 to 6 times faster than any other web hosting servers in the industry.  They serve enterprise-level demands for every user that purchase any plan in the WP Engine. 

Evercatch is the proprietary on which the WP Engine architecture is built on. this is the best catching tool of WP Engine which handles any traffic Spikes in your websites. It allows your website to run smoothly in any case. this site catching feature also helps in displaying your website without reducing responsiveness when updating your posts and new code to your website. Another best feature provided by WP Engine for best speeds is the Global cdn. it is the additional protection which saves your websites from bots. 

Customer support provided by WP Engine:

The money you paid is worth it for the support they provide the WP Engine. You can ask for customer support from WP Engine on any media, whether phone, email or live chat any time. You can easily access the 24/7 support from your dashboard after logging in. the quick responding support team will answer your questions and also solve your issues in minutes. 

Performance of WP Engine

A web hosting service only wins a race with the best performance to the users’ sites. Well to ensure all your websites hosted in WP engine to perform well, this web hosting service has many features added to the list. The first one among those is the CDN service. The free CDN is available in all the plans you choose in WP Engine. Next comes the GeoTarget tool which helps you optimize all your sites to a specific region. The Geotarget tool is also available for all the plans in this web hosting.

Coming to the performance of WP engine. When checked with tools like Pingdom and Load Impact, on a site hosted on WP Engine, the speed of the site for every page ranged an average of 1.61 which is considerably a decent number. 

Pros of taking WP Engine:

  • Customer service 24 hours a day
  • Fast loading times better than any other web hosting service in the industry.
  • Plenty of tools and plugins available for free along with the expert support
  • Included free SSL certificate

Cons of WP Engine:

  • A bit high yet worthy to take prices
  • Hosting services only for WordPress users. 

Alternates for WP Engine:

To start a website the WP engine is the perfect choice for any kind of website for maximum security, better speeds and fewer downtimes. Bus this web hosting is not ideal for everyone because of its expensive prices. 

If you are looking for web hosting services with features of WP engine with little less-prices, you can go with these WP Engine alternatives, either A2 hosting or siteground for your website.

Final words

Finally, the WordPress hosting which you have dreamt of providing quality service to your blogs and websites is right in front of you.

There is no doubt that the WP Engine offers the best customer service for the money you keep providing you with better performance and heartfelt support at very less response time. This is also best known for providing many additional WordPress specific tools to its customers like plugins and themes along with web hosting. Moreover, you can opt the 60-day money-back guarantee if they were not up to your potential.

If the prices are well which you can handle, the WP Engine is very worth considering. Make sure to take a note of their privacy policy before heading up to purchase any web host.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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