Video chat apps for live conversations with friends and family

The technology nowadays has improved a lot and is improving day by day. On talking about video chat apps, Video chatting is now one of the technology biggest success. The video chatting gives access to two persons talk face to face from different places through a common medium.

To allow this video chatting there are many video chat apps available. Then what is a video chat app? The video chat app is the medium that helps you contact your friends. There are many video chat apps available now a day’s. Every video chat app has its unique features which give users a good experience.

Video chat apps

Video Chat apps: 5 best apps for video conversations

The below given are some of the best video chat apps that are most commonly used by many nowadays.



Skype is one of the best apps for video chat. The app was developed by Microsoft. the skype interface is very easy to understand and can be easily adaptable skype is the most popular video chat app that is being used all over the world. The skype also allows group video chat in its latest version. This app is available for free. There is also a version of skype available which have additional features like phone calls, access wifi and even send texts. Even though Skype have many features it does not allow emergency calls.



Although there are many apps for video chat, the ooVoo is the best video chat app of all. The features of ooVoo video chat app are better than others. Oovoo allows a video call up to 12 friends at a time. All of this is of free. Although ooVoo allows calls for other ooVoo users, there is a facility to make calls to landlines on purchasing ooVoo credits. The other features of ooVoo are that you can text anyone even right when you are in a  video call with friends. Capturing of the whole conversation is also possible in ooVoo.



Although these are many video chat apps available Vchat have its own features. It allows free high-quality chatting with our friends and relatives. In Vchat group chat is possible to participants.

The interface of Vchat is easily adaptable and user-friendly. Unlimited free video chat is possible in Vchat on 3g, 4g, LTE and wifi. You can also text anyone in Vchat.



Viber is one of the top video chat apps. This is also a popular video chat app. The Viber also allows users to message to others who are without this app. The Viber app is available for windows Linux and also mac. It is also available for android and Microsoft. The apps can synchronise between your mobile and windows and synchronise between mobile and mac and also synchronise between mobile and Linux. It can also make faster outgoing calls between devices.

Facebook messenger

facebook messenger

Although facebook messenger is not only meant for video calling. It provides a high-quality video chat. the facebook messenger is used by many and is very popular than another video chat apps. Many prefer facebook messenger only because of the additional facilities like chatting, voice calls etc. This product even though launched a year ago, had become the most popular and most used video chat app all around.

WhatsApp video call

whatsapp videocall

It took a little time to get video calling crawl into WhatsApp. Finally, it happened now. it only takes a click to connect to your friend. whats app now allows a high-quality video chat to all its users. this is available in its new version. To enable WhatsApp video call you need to just update your WhatsApp.

Although when starting WhatsApp video chat is available for Android users only, now it is available for IOS and also Windows platform users.


Firstly the video chat gives a good experience of face to face conversation. But it requires a best video chat app. Even though we have a best video chat app, sometimes a slow net connection may lag the video. This may be very irritating.

The main advantage of video calling is that we need not spend our time and money to meet people. This purpose is fulfilled by the video chat apps. These video chat apps are best suited for business officials. 

In business purpose youtube live video streaming also plays an important role. Deciding a best video chat app is difficult but there are many of them providing better services to their customers. Different apps for video chat are available for different purposes.

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