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Are you still using Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7? You would definitely feel your system becoming slow.  Today let us see how TuneUp 360 Antivirus software can help your PC’s be safe from malware and keep your computers free from virus crashes.

Right in the present internet world, malware and virus have become a great problem. At the beginning of a virus attack, you ignore many things that your computer requires. For the latest operating systems due to high compatibility, they can survive. But older OS’ cannot easily handle them.  Firstly you start experiencing some casual popups to clear minute problems in your PC. Most of us will not care much and ignore such things. But later on, your computer gradually becomes slower due to more and more junk files and malware accumulated in your hard drive.

Virus attacks can cause brutal security errors to your system, which may cause your system to become much slower, and even sometimes to completely crash.

So it is always necessary to keep your PC safe from junk files, malware and Virus attacks and fix your computer by using antivirus applications with the best privacy policy. So let us know how TuneUp 360 Antivirus software a best free pc tuneup completes your PC’s security shield with its advanced options.

What happens if your computer is slow and you ignore it

If your computer is slow never ignore it saying it is only due to apps loading. Even less file size apps may take long time to respond. Most of us just ignore such kind of system service errors. It is always important to check if your security is good or otherwise your system may fall into big problems and the system service may gradually decrease.

  • Your system may become unhealthy making most of your apps and programs unresponsive.
  • Later on, your system may become slow, mostly when switching on and off.
  • Pop-ups showing errors in the Pc may become more.
  • Gradually your system starts freezing many times.
  • Finally, your system hard disk may abruptly crash.

Why TuneUp 360

Many security errors hide from the direct user interface and may not be visible. TuneUp 360 free Antivirus software can help you identify such errors and diagnose them. It monitors windows and internet activity to fix issues.

What is it in TuneUp 360 Antivirus software

1. Fixes your errors instantly

The TuneUp 360 will easily and intently fix your computer issues by fixing errors and diagnosing them.

2. Increases system speed

TuneUp 360 recognises all the issues that are causing your system to slow down and fixes them and makes your system speed up. It also helps your internet to speed up.

3. Prevents freezing

TuneUp 360 fixes freezing problems in your system by fixing system errors.

4. Increases security

Your TuneUp 360 can find hidden trojans and viruses and makes them completely removed and keeps your computer secure.

One Click TuneUp

When you buy a new PC it runs like a tiger. No problems will be there in your PC. But later on, your PC starts slowing down. Loading times will increase. Errors dwell while using your PC. Programs terminate and system freezes and become unresponsive.

But with TuneUp 360 you can be free from all this errors and problems. You need not even be a computer expert or a coding expert to make these errors free. With a single click in TuneUp 360 Antivirus software, you can keep your PC safe and sound. TuneUp 360 rectifies all your errors and slowdowns and hanging within a single click.

Features of TuneUp 360 Antivirus software

The below is a complete list which TuneUp 360 can check and fix within a single click.

How to use TuneUp 360 to keep your PC healthy

Here is a quick and complete guide on how to use TuneUp 360 a best pc tuneup software and how you can keep your PC healthy and error-free. The 3 steps in TuneUp 360 will simply make your system healthy and secure.

Step: 1

Install your TuneUp 360 Antivirus software application into your PC. Open the application and leave the rest to your TuneUp 360.

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The TuneUp 360 will start checking all the errors and Trojans/viruses in your system.

Step: 2

After checking the errors it will display all the errors on the screen. TuneUp 360 will show the errors in category wise. You can select the error type in the side bar in TuneUp 360 application.

Hardware Information

PC Performance

PC stability

PC Security

PC Network security

Step: 3

After checking all the error status, simply click on the Fix now button in this pc tune up software. It fixes all the errors listed above and brings your system to good condition.



Best of all is the support they give when you purchase it. They give a 24/7 technical support for its customers.

Plan and pricing

Here are the list of plans

One Year subscriptions

You can get a 1 year subscription for one PC with a maximum discount price and access all tuneup utilities. This plan right now comes with a 40% discount. The original price of TuneUp 360 Antivirus software is  $50 and it comes at a price of just $29.95 (that is upto 41%).

You can also opt for 1 year subscription for unlimited computers for all free tuneup utilities by choosing the other plan with a price of 289$ (60% discount for this season).

No, One-year subscription is not enough for me!

If you have that opinion, we had better options for you just waiting. You can opt for lifetime subscriptions and you can buy these products at the best discounts.

Lifetime subscriptions

Lifetime licence for one PC tuneup free can give you unlimited access to TuneUp 360’s products for lifetime for your computer. This plan is now at a 50% discount and comes at a price of $49.95.

You can also get lifetime access for unlimited computers with a discount of 40%. You can now buy this plan at a price of $589 for unlimited plans.

Final words

You should definitely try this best antivirus 2018 since the TuneUp 360 Antivirus software can clean your PC better than any antivirus ever. Tuneup 360 is best antivirus for PC. Their privacy policy is one of the most important thing to be admired.

System requirements for TuneUp download and install computer tuneup software

Here is a quick tutorial for you on TuneUp 360 Antivirus software.


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