Tips to take beautiful pictures in your Smart Phone

Beautiful Pictures. These days photography is not only meant for professional photographers. Every person who has a Smartphone in his hand can take beautiful pictures. This is made happen because of the wide range of verities of smartphones, different cameras used for smartphones and also a wide range of megapixel cameras used.

Beautiful pictures may be taken by these amazing tips

beautiful pictures

With the following simple tricks, anyone can take beautiful pictures. As the beauty lies in nature, it also lies in the hands of the photographer with a Smartphone.

Tip 1: Adjust your Camera settings for beautiful pictures


Make sure that all the camera settings are well adjusted. If not crosscheck the settings with the professional settings available on the internet. Otherwise, you can adjust them with your own knowledge. Keep the brightness and contrast in correct proportion. Make your clickable options clear.

Many think that the default settings provided are best to take best shots, but those are not. You can change the aspect ratios and screen resolutions in the settings to get much better pictures.

Tip 2: Keep the lens clean

Always keep the lens clean to take beautiful pictures. Even though sometimes the lens look good before taking the picture, but later you will observe smoke like thing on the pictures if any dust accumulates on the lens.

It is always better to use lens protectors to keep lens safe from scratches. A thin layer of polyethene cover can be used to protect the Camera lens.

Tip 3: Use two hands while taking pictures

Most of the people try to take pictures with a single hand. They assume that there will be less shaking. But it is always better to take pictures with both the hands.

While taking pictures adjust the method to take the picture. Every Smartphone has different methods to take pictures. Some have the option to take a picture with the volume button, and some will work when we touch anywhere on the screen. It is always better to have a separate button to take pictures other than screen touch.

Tip 4: Have separate button on screen to capture

Many will keep the settings to capture the picture on touching the screen anywhere. This will make adjusting your clarity difficult. If you keep a separate button for capturing, an addition option is enabled. That is by touching anywhere on the screen, the light will be adjusted automatically regarding the spot.

If there is no separate button for capturing, the auto light adjusts option is hidden back in settings. It is always better to have autofocus enabled for your Smartphone.

Tip 5: Take multiple shots for a picture

It is always advisable to take more shots for a single picture. Every shot may include somewhat minor mistakes and this can be avoided if multiple shots are taken.

It is also better to take shots in different angles. So that light and focus will be different for every shot. And the result will be one beautiful picture.

Tip 6: Post production of the images for beautiful pictures

Many will not take a look at the image after taking the picture. But it is always advisable to make some post production to the image. You can add some colour to the picture making it much more beautiful. You can also increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of the beautiful pictures to make them more beautiful.

Some will not touch the pictures after capturing. But some will do over post production making the natural beauty of the picture covered with artificial beauty. This is always should be avoided.


Here is a smartphone that gives you the best experience of taking beautiful pictures: OPPO F1SHence by following these simple tricks, one can take most amazing pictures with their smartphones. Finally, take a deep breath to take a small picture to make the beautiful picture. Download some Beautiful wallpapers.

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