On the attempts to go viral TikTok users are also breaking the law

Tiktok is the most downloaded app after Facebook. Tiktok has become most famous in recent years such that many Android and IOS users are using this application to exchange the videos with each other.

The users of this most popular Tiktok application are now breaking the law to get more views and likes.

There is a case that four nurses in Odisha are sent notices for shooting videos in a special neonatal care unit (SNCU) of a hospital and uploading in the TikTOk.

Another video in TikTok went viral in which a TikTOk user climbs a Delhi police vehicle from the driving seat while the car is moving.

Actions Taken:

→ The four nurses involved in the video are suspended until a correct excuse is given, and the management claims that it was extreme medical negligence.

→ In the case of the Police vehicle, the authorities stated that the vehicle was not an official police vehicle, it belongs to a private contractor. They also added that the video is not shot recently.


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