Predictions on Technology trends that Will Be Present in 2018

What about the prediction of technology trends in 2018? Technological advancements give birth to more and more innovations that spring up every year. Predicted technology in the last year was proven by the development of virtual reality technology and on-demand services. Then what about the technology prediction that will be present in 2018?

Here are some technology trends that are expected to become trend this year.

Technology trends prediction of 2018

Technology trends prediction of 2018

1. Smart Speakers Based on Artificial Intelligence

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa is not new technology trends in 2017. But over time, the development of this technology is increasingly massive and carried out a number of technology companies, such as Google and Apple.

Therefore, this will continue as technology trends 2018. But with the current conditions, there will be more players offering similar technology with a variety of newer features.

Although it looks unusual at first, the adoption of smart speakers, in fact, continues to grow in recent time. Moreover, with the improvement of technology, it is not impossible users will be more comfortable with this product.

2. Artificial Intelligence

If previously, artificial intelligence is only used in certain business areas, this year it is predicted that the technology trends will be more present in consumer products.

In other words, more products will be able to recognize the habits of their customers. Some of the areas that start using this are travel agencies to social media to know the user’s mental state.

In fact, the logistics process armed with artificial intelligence can be present more widely in 2018. This is supported also by the presence of autonomous vehicles, such as drones or robots like sony aibo robot dog.

3. Augmented Reality

If 2017, virtual reality (VR) is predicted to be one of the tech trends, this time the augmented reality (AR) turn is expected to flourish in 2018.

This is not separated from a number of technology companies, such as Amazon and Apple are rumoured to be working on AR-based smart sunglasses. If the news is true, the device allows real-world and digital interaction to occur.

On the other hand, there are some retailers, one of which utilizes this technology to support sales. Therefore, AR experience will be more easily found through smartphones.

4. Cryptocurrency

The digital currency or cryptocurrency is predicted to grow larger in 2018. In fact, technology and venturistist investor James Altucher thinks cryptocurrency as bitcoin can replace paper money for transactions.

“Bitcoin can solve the problem of unlimited money printing, counterfeiting, double spending and anonymity,” he said. Altucher itself has a number of crytocurrencies namely bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, zcash and filecoin.

Although admittedly most of it is fraud, it feels bitcoin and some other cryptocurrency will persist. “This is a tectonic shift of money and wealth that we will see in our lives,” he said.

5. Travel to Space

Space travel technology trends are also staying digadang will undergo major changes. Therefore, companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are planning to travel on space travel, no longer just research.

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk said, this mission can be a personal journey for those who have paid the most appropriate price. The plan, this mission will start at the end of next year.

While Blue Origin who also has a similar plan, make little changes. Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith, said his company is unlikely to offer this mission anytime soon.

6. Flexible Screen Smartphone (Foldable)

Rumors about smartphones with flexible folding OLED screens have been circulating for years. Maybe that dream will come true this year.

Samsung will be the first manufacturer to release Foldable Phone. Reportedly, this South Korean company has successfully developed a panel that can be folded that will be ready at the end of 2018. With curvature 1.0R which means that the panel can be folded with an inward position such as paper.

A number of patents submitted by Samsung also hinted the maturation of the required technology. But Samsung is not the only company interested in folding smartphones, LG and Apple are also developing similar devices.

Actually, last year there was already a ZTE Axon M that can be folded. More precisely, ZTE Axon M has two separate screens of 5.2 inches each 1080p which are incorporated with a hinge system instead of using a flexible screen.

7. Fingerprint Scanner under Screen

Rumors about smartphones with fingerprint scanners mounted on the screen we often hear throughout the year 2017. Samsung and Vivo were vying to be the first and this year most likely the dream will come true.

The leading biometric sensor assembly company, Synaptics announced it has succeeded in creating a fingerprint sensor that can be mounted on the surface of the smartphone screen.The sensor named Clear ID FS9500 is safe thanks to the AES encryption procedure and includes a set of authentication features that can be selected by OEM. They have also started the mass production process.

8. New Standard Screen Ratio 18: 9

The New Standard Screen Ratio 18: 9 may also become technology trends in the year 2018. Last year alone, many manufacturers have adopted an 18: 9 screen ratio to their flagship and middle-class devices with fairly thin bezels. Call it, Vivo V7, Oppo F5, Huawei Nova 2i, and more.

This year, the ratio of these screens will probably be one of the must-have criteria for consumers when choosing a new smartphone. Galaxy the latest series belongs to Samsung also has adopted Infinity Display, hopefully, followed series Galaxy J.

9. Digital Assistants are More Smart and More Like Humans

A number of giant technology companies are competing to develop an AI-based digital assistant and machine learning. Apple with Siri, Google with Assistant, Samsung with Bixby, Microsoft with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa, and more.

Currently, their capabilities are still very limited, but this year the task they can do will be more. In addition, the sound output that sounds will also be more like a human.

A number of mobile phone manufacturers will also immerse special chipsets to handle AI and machine learning. More AI-based apps will serve even better experiences.

10. Better Battery Life

According to PhoneArena, battery life in the flagship smartphone 2017 better 25 percent compared to the previous year. The main reason is the use of 10nm chipset Snapdragon 835 is more power efficient.

Next year, 10nm Snapdragon 845 chipset and chime OS Android 8.0 Oreo which has better power management, will make Android smartphone durability longer.

On the other hand, fast charging technology is also very helpful to us, no need to wait long to charge.


The above are the predicted technology trends of 2018. There are also many latest trends in information technology that are expected to come forward to us. Every minute a new way is developed creating a way for the new technology trends. There are recent trends in information technology and also technology trends in business. All these lead to future technology trends. The technology trends 2018 may bring a good revolution in the lives of the people and also the scope is broadened.

The above are some of the tech trends that I observed. If you have come through any new technology trends that you think may become popular in 2018, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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