5 Best Study Apps for college students in 2021 (Must have Application)

Study Apps for college students. The internet world has made the learning totally different. The days are gone in which students used to carry a load of books to the schools and colleges. Every study material easily carried in a simple I-pad or any other electronic device.

In this smartphone world, people learn and study mostly from the electronic gadgets. Many apps were developed in this recent years for better-understanding learning skills for students. If you start searching the internet for these study apps for college students and study apps for high school students, it would be like an ocean to swim through.

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Best study apps for college students

Hence here in this post, I have filtered some of the essential apps for college students that will help you to withstand in your college and your student life. There are some Android apps for students and also IOS apps for college students that will help students using any of those smart devices.

1. Keep My Notes – Notepad & Memo

keep my notes app

The first and formal thing a student is to be used to is writing. On a lecture or a class, it is always difficult to handle a book and pen for small written work. This Notepad app for android will help you write your notes that should be remembered later.

If you are in travelling and you suddenly remember a concept that you should work on. What would you do? Will you go for a paper and pen in the disturbing condition? Mostly there is a possibility of forgetting the concept right there. So you can simply use this App to write on and read on later. The notepad app works as one of the best study apps for college students.

2. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

real calc

When it comes to engineering students scientific calculator is a must and should thing. For many, it is little difficult to have a calculator all along. Hence here is the best study app for engineering students for calculating. That is RealCalc Scientific Calculator.

This study app for engineering students looks the same as a hand calculator every engineering student uses. All the features of the hand calculator are integrated with this RealCalc app. There are also some other additional features in this app which are not even present in the Hand Calculator. Of you like explore these additional features you can go premium of this version.

3. To-do list App

to do list

The To-do list app is one of the best study apps that every student using an android mobile should have. This study app for android will help you remember your to do tasks in the day or in the week or any time later. By using this app in your studies you can well organize for your exams and assignments and also your home works.

This To-do list app provides you with a simple and robust operation. By this, you can organize well for your studies. If you are to use many devices at the same time you can synchronize you list in all your devices using this app if you have an internet facility. This is the best study planner app of all the other.

4. Microsoft PowerPoint


Many of us merely used to smart devices. And it is very uneasy to sit before a laptop or a computer to make something other than android. This PowerPoint presentation app is just made for students. If you are to create a presentation for your project you need go for a computer. You can simply install this Microsoft PowerPoint for your presentations. And can make your presentation more realistic.

By using this app you can also have a quick view on the presentations that are created using some other devices. You can also directly share your files with others using this app. This is one of the recommended study apps every student should have on his android device.

5. Oxford Dictionary of English

oxford dictionary

Dictionary should be one of an essential study apps that every college student should have on his android device. Even though this is not necessary all the time of revision, this will be very helpful while going through a new textbook.

You may be reading a book on a concept and you may suddenly go through a difficult word. It would be difficult to find a dictionary at your place right then. So you may need a dictionary app to go through difficult words anytime.

This Oxford dictionary app will provide you much more like pronunciations and synonyms of words that are searched for. This will be one of the best android study apps for college students.


There are many other Study apps that help students in their career. But these are the essential study apps for students.

The very important thing every student should remember is, a small distraction may lead you away from studies. You may have many useful apps for studies but a single app can make your concentration die. So while using these smart devices get into limitations of using them. Install these apps in your android device to make your studies go parallel with your enjoyment.

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