Sony Aibo Robot Dog- Sony’s new robotic probe

The rumours knocked: Aibo is back as Sony Aibo Robot Dog. After more than ten years, Sony’s robot robbery has become a successor. He’s called Aibo again, has OLED screens like eyes and even can be apportioned. Sony’s new robotic probe (AIBO ERS-1000 to be precise) shares the same name as the older robots, but of course, it can be a lot more than the old versions.

The Sony Aibo Robot Dog uses deep learning to take care of the environment and the owners over a longer period of time, and because the Aibo’s all hung on the cloud, they can also learn certain sounds and images of the experiences of other robot dogs. For example, the dog will look you up and find out what makes you happy.

Aibo’s robotics are impressive: by using a lot of ultra-compact motors for the limbs, Aibo’s body can move in almost any way. The eyes are no longer static but replaced by OLED screens that can show all kinds of emotion.

Before flying to Japan after January 11 to buy one, know that the battery life of the dog is quite abominable: Aibo will only spend two hours on a full battery, which will then need to charge three hours to get back.

sony aibo robot dog

If you add that Aibo’s base price is 1500 euros and you have to close a three-year subscription (for just over 20 euros per month) for WiFi and LTE connections, it might be a little less interesting.

There is a lot of effort on people who apparently all go to an Aibo, because even the bone he needs to ship is to be paid, and you also have to buy extra tricks in a digital store.

Having said that, the new Aibo looks really cool. Whether the dog will be available outside Japan is not known, so robodog lovers may have to import.

What the Sony’s new robotic probe can do

He barks and quips: this is the new Aibo brand of Sony

According to Sony, the new Sony Aibo Robot Dog wound builds “an emotional bond” with family members and offers them “love, affection and pleasure.” Aibo learns after a while what the boss likes, like quizzes, giving a paw or playing a ball.

The robot dog can move in a variety of ways and the eyes are displayed on round OLED screens, which allows the gadget to portray all sorts of emotions. Aibo also has a camera that allows you to take photos, which you view with a corresponding app.

A hot bone: Aibo uses artificial intelligence to become smarter. For example, the robot dog knows better by walking the house over time. You can also buy new tricks for payment, which costs around 21 euros each. To operate him, you need Sony’s bot ‘Aibone’ (22 euro).

With a full battery, the gadget can float through the room for two hours. Charging from zero to one hundred percent takes about three hours.

Built-in sensors show the Aibo and hear what’s happening in a direct environment. This information is processed by an artificial intelligence. In addition, the dog eventually learns to recognize what a boss likes.

1500 euros to get this advanced toy

From January 11, Sony Aibo Robot Dog will be selling in Japan for a price of 198,000 yen, converted to about 1500 euros. Whether the robot dog is sold in Europe is not yet known.

According to Sony, the new Aibo is able to “create an emotional bond with people at home while being provided with love and the pleasure of raising a companion”.

App: A corresponding smartphone app allows users to view photos taken by the Aibo. This app can also download new tricks for the dog.

What more has Aibo Robot Dog come with

Aibo has two oval panels serving as his eyes.  According to Sony, the dog can show all kinds of varied expressions, but he also uses them to avoid obstacles. Furthermore, the robot round has a number of very compact single and two axle drives, which enables him to move smoothly and naturally. There are 22 axes in total.

According to Sony, Sony Aibo Robot Dog’s curious behaviour is influenced, so no Aibo would be the same. Thus, the beast could recognize his owners and can detect certain words, a smile, punching and other interactions. Through deep learning, four built-in microphones and two cameras, the robot dog is able to analyze images and sounds, using data from servers to learn from the experiences with people and possibly other Aibo robot dogs. With this, the dog should develop a completely different character over time.

Sony has also developed a special My Aibo app. Users can then adjust the Sony Aibo Robot Dog’s settings, view photos were taken by the dog, and upload new tricks to the dog. These new tricks need to be purchased in a download shop. This requires a subscription. Otherwise, it’s not possible to connect to a mobile or wifi, use the app or save files. The dog is exhausted after two hours and has to be charged again for three hours.

The functionality is a lot more extensive than that of the original Aibo. Sony introduced this Sony Aibo Robot Dog to the end of the nineties and up to 2005, there were annual updates. In early 2006 Sony discontinued the Aibo line as part of a major reorganization, to save costs.

The Aibo originated from Sony’s Digital Creatures Lab and at the end of the 1990s, the Japanese company thought that robotic pets and helmets would be common by 2010. However, the first Aibo generations were not a commercial success. In science, the dogs were widely used in research on artificial intelligence and the interaction between human and robot.

And Finally

Perhaps you remember Aibo from before. The robotic sound of Sony launched on the market in 1999. Anno 2017, the techniques were greatly improved and Sony thought it was a good idea to put the Aibo in a new jacket. The AIBO ERS-1000 is here and the ‘animal’ is smarter than ever.

For example, the Sony Aibo Robot Dog can distinguish housewives. Smart sensors measure the behaviour of a person and build data based on sounds and movements. The Aibo design has also been dealt with thoroughly. The device has become less robotic and more dog. The movements are more smooth and the new Aibo is also more fun to see. A little child could still be afraid of the old Aibo. The new version looks a lot more friendly.

The Sony Aibo Robot Dog does not have to let you out, but the Aibo needs attention. This is how the battery lasts only two hours. It takes about three hours to charge the battery’s battery. As you might already expect, the robot dog (for the time being) is only available in Japan

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