Alternative ways to shutdown Windows 8 PC

One of the recurrent complaints among users of Windows 8 related to how hard it was shutdown windows 8 PC, because the power button was not as visible as it should be. In Windows 8.1 things have improved, but not much. How to install and activate Windows shutdown button to shutdown Windows 8 PC.
In Windows Trick this week we show you some more direct ways to turn off Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8) Charms Bar, the “official” button (Common method):

shutdown windows 8 PC

Charms Bar, the “official” button (Common method):

The official off button to shutdown windows 8 PC, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, is in the Charms Bar, right sidebar. To access it you have to open the bar, click Settings, click Start / Shutdown and then choose from Standby, Shutdown or Restart.

Charms Bar, the official button (Common method)

Alternative 1 (to shutdown windows 8 PC) from the new Start button

In Windows 8.1, you can turn off the computer in a very similar to how it did in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 way. To do this, click the right mouse button on the new start menu (or press the keys Windows + X ). In the menu that appears, you will see the option Turn off, allowing you Logout, Suspend, Shutdown, and Restart.

Alternative 2 ( to shutdown windows 8 PC): hidden off the menu

shutdown windows 8 PC from the new Start button

Press the keys Alt + F4 on the desktop and a window that will transport you to the past (also worked in earlier versions of Windows) will open. You can choose between Switch User, Log Off, Suspend, Shutdown or Restart.

Alternative 3 (to shutdown windows 8 PC) Ctrl + Alt + Delete:

Although Bill Gates has been said that the “Ctrl + Alt + Del was a mistake”, the truth is that it’s a keyboard shortcut that all Windows users have very internalized.

to shutdown windows 8 PC Ctrl + Alt + Delete
In Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 is used to access a menu from which you can Lock, Switch User, Log Off and access the Task Manager. Moreover, from the button in the lower right corner, you can turn off your computer.

Alternative 4 (to shutdown windows 8 PC): Create your own button off:

Right-click on the desktop and select New> Shortcut.

shutdown windows 8 PC) Create your own button off

In the next window type shutdown / p and click Next. Then Finish.

Now you have a shortcut on the desktop to shutdown. If you click it, your PC will shutdown. If desired, you can add this button off to the Home screen by right-clicking on it and selecting Pin to start (and/or desktop Taskbar).

Alternative 5(to shutdown windows 8 PC): physical power button

There has always been the urban legend that you can not turn off Windows with the physical button on your PC or laptop. Nothing is further from the truth:
If you briefly press the power button on your computer, Windows will close, shutting get the programs you have open
If you keep the button pressed, a short computer power supply. This method should only be used if the computer does not respond.

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How to Add the Start button to Windows 8 with Classic Shell

  • One of the news more shocking for users of Windows 8 is the disappearance of the Start button. In the classic Desktop, the button is gone.
  • If you do not get used to this change, you should know that there are several programs that allow you to bring back the classic Start Windows 8 8
  • Start, ViStart or Pokki are examples.
  • In this post, we are going to talk about Classic Shell, our favorite:
  • Classic Shell is a program free that allows you to bring back to life the Start button the Desktop Window 8. It also gives the option to directly access the traditional desktop to start Windows 8.
  • Best of Classic Shell is the large number of configuration options it offers.

Download and Install – Classic Shell:

You can download the latest version of Classic Shell from here.

The installation process is very simple and only need to follow the onscreen instructions.Once the installation is complete, you will see a button appear with the logo of Classic Shell in the bottom left corner.

Classic Shell Configuration:

The first time you run Classic Shell go straight to the setup menu. If you later want to access this menu simply click the right mouse button on the Start button.

The first time you run Classic Shell go straight to the setup menu. If you later want to access this menu simply click the right mouse button on the Start button.

  • Start Menu Style
  • You can choose between:
  • The classic menu of Windows 95, 98 and 2000
  • The Windows XP menu
  • The menu of Windows 7 and Vista

Basic Settings and Advanced

In the tab Basic Settings you can configure the basic aspect of the Start menu:
Keystrokes and/or mouse to open the Home menu
Show Folder Equipment, Favorites, Recent Documents and Control Panel
Skipping new Home screen (that of the squares) on login.

To change the appearance of the button, you must check All Settings tab and go to theStart Button. Once there, you can select Button Look look: Classic, Aero, Metro or choose a new one to your liking.

In All Settings You can also configure many aspects: language, sounds, controls, behavior, search box, etc.
Select menu appearance
In the tab, Skins is where you can choose the look you want it to have the Start menu.The skin Metro is far more in keeping with the design of Windows 8.
Select the window style of the new Start menu
The result (type menu Windows 7 + Skin Metro)

Install Windows 7 menu, just like the original

Another major advantage of Classic Shell is that you can use your own designs and buttons.
We’ll show you how to restore the appearance of the Windows 7 Start menu.
1. Download SevenVG skin from here and unzip the ZIP file.
2. Copy files and Start_Button.png to the folder C: \ Program Files \ Classic Shell \ Skins.
3. Go to settings menu Classic Shell. At the bottom, you will see the button Backup.Click on it and select Load from XML File. In the ZIP you downloaded is an XML file (Settings.xml ). Select it.
4. Reboot Classic Shell and you’re done.
How about Classic Shell? Do you know other similar programs?

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