How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars

Have you ever tried a notification bar on top of your website which tells your visitor the righteous path for salvation? Yes, you should definitely try these ones, as these announcement bars are the new trend of the shopping industry.

We definitely believe marketing plays a major role in online eCommerce and woo-commerce sites. But it is also very important to convert the people landing on your pages into sales. OptinMonstor has come up with the Announcement bars with attractive designs to attract your visitors and improve your conversation rates by converting your leads to sales.

You might have tried different ways to keep up your leads that come to your website. In most of the cases I heard of, most Woo-Commerce websites show up conversion rates at an average of just 10 to 20 percentage. And do you know the quick reason for this? Yes, your visitor is not getting the full potential of your website to convert into the lead on the page he is landing from your advertisement.

Now the question is, how to improve website conversion rates? Well in the case of Pop-ups, many users on an average rate, just click on the cross mark as they surf your website, and once done with what they wanted, they just fly away. But in the case of Announcement bars, you will have the feasibility of providing your most important landing page or the biggest deal of your website, hanging right above the head of your sale page all the time to the people who visited your web pages on your store.

This grabs the attention rate of your customer 20 percent more than what a pop-up does. You can see how OptinMonster attracts its customers with their floating bar.

optinmonstor improve website conversion rates

Well, what exactly can you do with one of these Announcement bars hanging on your pages?

There are several things these OptinMonster Announcement bars can help you to increase website conversion rates.

Sharing your important news:

Showing up important updates of your website or brand to your visitors builds confidence in them which makes them repeated visitors. With announcement bars, you can show up the important updates of your website. For example, if you are about to change any important info like billing and purchase information you can display quick information about it in the Announcement bar.

Promoting an Offer:

The visitor will not have a clue about your best offer unless you show them what you really got. With the promotional bar of OptinMonster, you can showcase the best offers along with the discounted price you got on your stores which attracts your visitors came from Google search or any other social media.


Well in case you wanted to grow your mailing list, you can use the specific pop-up options which are best to divert your traffic. But with the announcement bars, you will not miss a chance of losing your potential customer to whom you created a great impression on your website. You can just put a subscription form on one of these Announcement bars which your user will definitely not miss.

New Product Launches:

Even though you target the audience to your new products through advertisements and other means, engaging your old customers to the new products is also much important to grow conversions. Creating a promotional bar for the newly added product in your Woo-Commerce website will help users to quickly navigate to the landing pages which helps in increasing website conversion rates.

And this list never will really end. If you are still confused about how these would help your conversions lift higher, look at these examples of websites who use these announcement bars which made a good conversion rate on their websites: OptinMonster Announcement bar examples.

How to install OptinMonstor announcement bars on my Woo-Commerce blog?

Well, now that you knew how useful these announcement bars are to improve website conversion rates, you can have a quick look at how you can install these elements on your Woo-Commerce website.

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Step 1: Log in to your OptinMonster account

Before anything else, you need to login to your OptinMonster account to create your announcement bars. Visit the homepage of OptinMonster and use your logins in the login page to log in to your account.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 1

Step 2: Creating your campaign

Now its time to optimize your conversion bar. In OptinMonster you will find all the campaigns in which you can choose different popups and slide-ins. In the campaigns page, you can select the Floating Bar campaign to enable the Announcement Bar for your website.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 2

Generally, you can find different Opt-ins in the OptinMonster homepage like PopUp, Floating Bar, Fullscreen, Inline, Slide-in and Gamified. Each of these opt-ins has different features.

Step 3: Designing your Announcement Bar

Once you have selected the campaign type you can select a template from the list of templates. The OptimMonster already provides 50 different pre-built templates of floating bars. You can choose any one of those pre-built template as it is for your website or even you can select one and modify it according to your website colors and composition.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 3

You can choose any of the template to customize as you like.

Once you have selected the template, it will prompt to add a name to your campaign and also add your website name for which you want to add your campaign for.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 4

Once you click on start campaign you are ready to customize your template. An editor will display with a menu bar where you can change the data to be displayed, appearance and customization to attract the lead.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 5

You can also change whether your floating bar should appear on top or on bottom of your web page in the Floating settings session of the Home menu.

Once you are done with all the customizations click on the save button which appears on the top of the dashboard.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 6

Step 4: Display rules

Once you are done with the design and content process, you need to set the display rules for your Announcement Bar.

On the top of the editor click on the display rules tab and you will get a set of rules to edit the display rules.

These display rules play a very major role such that you can decide where your newly created Announcement bar will display. You have full control over them whether you would like to add them on your entire site or if only on certain pages. For example, some websites provide sitewide offers and some only provide offers on certain product pages.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 7

The time on page rule contains two options, the first one is that you can display the bar as soon as the user lands on your page with the ‘is immediate’ option. And with the second option ‘is at least’ you can select the time period after which the bar needs to be displayed.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 8

The second display rule is, on which URLs you wish to display your bar. To display your Bar on all the pages you can choose the ‘is any page’. To display on pages with a certain category like -Shop, you can set the rule to ‘exactly matches’ and enter the word shop. This displays your promotional bar only on the pages under the category shop.

You can add more than one rule for the same options. That is, if you want to create another rule for another category on your website, you can simply add it by clicking on the ‘add new rule’ button.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 9

And once you have added all your necessary rules you can simply click on the ‘Publish’ button. And your Announcement Bar will be published.


With this announcement bar added on your website, you can provide your customers with a wide range of offers in your woo-commerce or business website that too on the page they have landed.

The notification bars attract customers more than any other opt-in does. There are many professional websites like Amazon, Apple, WP-Beginner which use these bars on their pages. Have a look at the image.

How to Boost Woo-Commerce website conversion rates with Announcement bars 10

Even though these notification bars are a wise choice for any website to improve conversion rates, but you need not and can not only depend on these. Well, OptinMonster has got a wide verity of campaigns that any website can adapt to and use. You can try all these tools from the OptinMonster.

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