How to use Exit-Intent popups from OptinMonster for better conversions

Do you know that most of your customers leaving your site do not return back marking them as abandonment visitors? That means all the marketing efforts that you put into your site are useless.

Its heart breaking right!

Not if you are using the privilege of Exit-Intent technology that captures your user’s attention while he thinks of leaving. The exit-intent technology will make your abandoning website visitors into money by converting them into leads.

How to use Exit-Intent popups from OptinMonster for better conversions 1

Now what is Exit-Intent Technology?

Exit-intent is a technology that tracks and monitors the behaviour and movements (most effectively the mouse movements if your customer is using a pc) of your customers or visitors on your page.

It detects the actions of the visitors and when they are about to leave your website either to return back or not, without making and purchase. This instance you can use to show a popup of your best deals thus helping you from your visitors being abandoning the cart.

Each exit-intent software uses different algorithms that responds to different types of visitor mouse activity. This technology detects movements that indicate abandonment. These abandonments include when visitor moves the cursor towards the exit button, remains idle, or scrolls up or down quickly.

Whenever the technology finds out the signs of abandonment like the above are detected, the exit-intent technology will automatically display some pop-up for product recommendation, or other messages or any other message that grabs visitors attention  and encourage them to stay and convert.

This technology is mostly used by only some popular sites like Amazon who hire professionals that create this kind of tools. Hence this technology is not that mostly used. But using it in an effective way you can convert the customers or visitors who would likely abandon your site into leads.

OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent technology

To make this easier the OptinMonster uses this technology in its tools and popups that makes your conversions rise up.

The OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology will help bloggers and marketers to detect when the visitor is about to leave your website without making any purchase. Then you will get a chance to show a popup with a message or any product recommendation just before they leave your site.

How it works for eCommerce

Shopping Cart Abandonment is one of the most common problem every eCommerce website may face today. As we all know the cart is the final step of your conversion process for you to make money. Keeping the user until the end page is the biggest challenge for any eCommerce website.

Even after investing so much in marketing to bring the customers in to the website, visitors turn up at the end leaving the cart for some reason and never come back.

For eCommerce sites the exit-intent will help in reducing this cart abandonment and increase conversions using an exit-intent popup that can be displayed when this technology detects cart abandonment.

Well you can use any kind of popups for capturing the users attention, here are some tips that can catch the attention of the abandonment visitor.

  • Special discount for your latest product
  • A subscribe bar for free giveaways
  • Discuss further screen for better deals

These will help you along with Exit-intent popups that will reduce cart abandonment and increase your overall conversion.

For Content marketing

Even for Content market the exit-intent technology helps in a good way in maximizing the visitor intact. One thing here that needs to be noted is not all your visitors leave your site just because they want to skip, some times they might have completely read all your content and are stuck at a point to go further.

Exactly at this point you can use the exit-intent popups from OptinMonster that will detect breaks in reading or scrolling up and down fast. Your popups will display when the exit-intent detects such a thing.

  • Get the a free ebook
  • Sign up for a free product trial
  • Signup for your webinar

You will get an increased subscriber rate of at least 200% by using exit-intent popups in your content marketing by using marketing automation and even email autoresponders to make your visitors repeated customers.

How to Create Exit-intent popups

Step 1: Gearing up with OptinMonster

To start creating coupon popups you need an OptinMonster account. Go to the OptinMonster website and create an account. Once you create your account you can install the OptinMonster plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
With the help of this plugin, you can create campaigns directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Open your website dashboard and click on the OptinMonster menu on the WordPress sidebar.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

If you have not already connected to the OptinMonster account, click on the connect your account button which will take you to the OptinMonster dashboard.

Step 2: Creating the campaign

Now its time for you to create a campaign for the popup.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

On the OptinMonster dashboard, you can find a button saying ‘create campaign’, click on that to start creating your campaign.
Then, you will be suggested to select the type of campaign you wish to create. You can create fullscreen displays, inline, slide-ins and even floating bars using OptinMonster.
Select the popup type campaign from the given opt-ins.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

IF you wish to add your campaigns as mobile-optimized, in the next screen where you can find templates, you fill find a filter. There you can select the mobile-optimized option.

How to use Exit-Intent popups from OptinMonster for better conversions 2

Now all the templates that are mobile-optimized will be displayed on the screen, you will get different template suggestions to select from. In that, you can choose the Coupon template.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

Click on the coupon box and click on the ‘Use Template’ button.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

Now its time to name your popup campaign and you also need to choose the website you want to display the campaign in.

Step 3: Customizing your campaign

Once you have selected the coupon type campaign, you can start customizing your campaign such that it matches your website and attracts your customers.
After you click on the start building button, you will be taken to the design dashboard where you can easily customise your popup to suite your requirement using the simple drag and drop features.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

Step 4: Editing display rules

Once you have completed the customization part you can edit the display rules.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

This is the step where you will be using the exit-intent technology.

In the ‘If rule’ in ‘display’ rules, by default ‘time on page’ option will be displayed. To add the exit-intent you can change that option to the ‘exit detected’

How to use Exit-Intent popups from OptinMonster for better conversions 3

Now you need to change the sensitivity of the rule to either low, medium or high.

If you want to display your popup for scrolling up exit-intent triggers then you can either choose Low or Medium as the sensitivity.

Or if you want to target those visitors who hit the back button then you can select the High as sensitivity.

How to use Exit-Intent popups from OptinMonster for better conversions 4

If you want to target both the type of visitors then you can simply add another IF rule below and set that condition to Low or Medium and another one to High. This way you can target both the visitors bouncing back.

There you can also add another display rule for specific pages or even all the pages as you wish.

Step 5: Publishing your Coupon popup

Now that you had a great campaign created, you can save the campaign and publish it on the website.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

One the top corner you can find a Save Button which you can use to save your campaign as a draft. Once you are all done with editing click on the publish button on top and toggle the status bar to live.
And the campaign will be visible in your OptinMonster dashboard in the WordPress dashboard.


These OptinMonster’s exit-intent popups work with any cms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Drupal, Joomla. And there are a lot of different types of popups examples available in the OptinMonster dashboard that you can use along with the exit-intent technology.

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