What is Countdown timer – How to boost your sales using this OptinMonster feature

Attracting leads is very important for any business to grow. Even though the customer lands on your product page. it is very difficult to say that he leaves your site after fulfilling the lead. Hence it is always important to attract your customer with the best optins.

countdown timer OptinMonster

If you are looking for one such great feature to add to your WordPress website then adding the countdown timer will perfectly grab the user’s attention. The content lock feature from the OptinMonster is best in attracting your customers to any deal. You can simply add this countdown timer for any page of your website with the link beside the timer for your landing product. This is also the best tool to inform your audience about the closing time of a great sale or an upcoming webinar or any other upcoming deals. OptinMonster brought this feature with colourful designs and templates that can suit any kind of website.

How to use the countdown timer on your website

The countdown timers serve different purposes on your websites. For example, if you are conducting a webinar the next month and you wish to inform you are visitors about the last date to register for the webinar then you can simply add the Countdown timer on the top bar of your website with the link to register to the webinar.

In the same way, you can also use the countdown timer to inform about the time remaining for an upcoming service that is about to start on your website. With OptinMoster you can also use Count down timers as popups when a user lands on any of your pages.

Steps to add optinmonster Countdown timer in your website

Using OptinMonster countdown timer is very easy and you can set it up within no time. The best thing about using OptinMonster is that you don’t require any coding skills or coding background to change or edit these options. Before getting into ‘how-to’, make sure to get the pro or plus plan from OptinMonster.  So, to add The Countdown timer to your WordPress site, here are a few quick steps to follow.

Step 1: Installing the OptinMonster plugin

Before adding the OptinMonster countdown timer, if you did not use the OptinMonster before, you can simply install the plugin to get the features of OptinMonster.

You can install the OptinMonster plugin directly from the WordPress plugin repository. Head over to the plugins page from your WordPress dashboard and search for the OptinMonster Plugin. 

Once you find the plugin in the plugin directory, click on the install button and activate. After installing the OptinMonster plugin, connect it to your OptinMonster account from the dashboard.

OptinMonster WordPress

In the settings panel of OptinMonster, you will find a button saying ‘Connect your Account’. Click on that and connect your account. 

Step 2: Creating your Campaign

After connecting your OptinMonster account you can head over to the plugin, where you can create different campaigns like floating bars, Popup boxes, sidebar forms and many more. 

countdown timer OptinMonster

Now click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button available on the top right corner.

countdown timer OptinMonster

Once you click on the create campaign button, you will see different campaign types which include pop-ups, full screen, slide in, floating bar and inline content. You can choose any of these campaign types based on your requirement. For example, if you wish to add countdown timer with a popup campaign type then you can choose popup option. Or else, If you want to use the countdown timer on the top of your website on every page then you can select the floating bar.

Step 3: Choosing the countdown template

countdown timer OptinMonster

Once you have chosen the type of campaign then you will be prompted to choose the template for your campaign.  There are different type of templates available readymade in the OptinMonster. In that, you need to select the countdown template. The countdown template helps you to optimise your campaign to display a countdown timer along with additional buttons and text.

After selecting the the type of campaign and template you will be prompted to choose the name of the campaign and the names of the websites for which you want to add this campaign.

 Step 4: Design

countdown timer OptinMonster

Once you have selected the countdown template then you can quickly change the design or edit your designing part on the next page.

Timer settings: on the design page you can see the countdown settings where you need to select the static option and you can find the options related to adding the end date and time of the deal. You can also edit how you want the countdown to be visible on your campaign.

countdown timer OptinMonster

After that, you can edit your floating bar for popup as you required such as colour text and optin buttons.

countdown timer OptinMonster

After your design part, you need to change the success view of your option form If you are using an email subscription campaign. For example, if you have created a floating bar with Countdown timer for a coupon code asking the email address to register, then the user will register by entering the email address. When the user clicks on submit, the user needs to see the success message on the floating bar as shown in the above image. To do this you can simply click on the success button on the top of your campaign and add your success design.

For email optins, you can also integrate your email partner such as MailChimp using the integrations tab.

countdown timer OptinMonster

Before you publish your campaign don’t forget to include the display rules. These display rules play a vital role in selecting the pages where you want to display your optin and the pages where you wish to exclude the optin from displaying. After creating the display rules, click on the Save button.

Step 5: Publishing the Countdown Optin

Once you have created your campaign and completed the design part, you are good to go. Simply click on the publish tab on the campaign and click on the publish button.  Then your optin will be displayed on the pages you wished.


That’s it! you have created the first important step to boost your sales. There are also other optins from the OptinMonster, like Content lock and Announcement bars which you can try to kickstart your boost of sales.

Now it’s your turn to create stunning optins on your blog which can attract your customers to increase your conversion rates.

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