What is Content Locking – How to use OptinMonster Content Lock Feature.

A content lock is the best option for websites that provide informational content. You can hide long posts under a content lock which will only open when the action of the widget(like filling name and email) is performed. The OptinMonsters content locker is one of such great tools which will help on building your email list. You can simply add the content locker to your valuable content and posts with OptinMonster. With the attractive designs and features, you can attract your user visiting your posts to subscribe to your newsletter, thereby increasing your subscribers’ list. 

OptinMonster Content Lock

How to use this content lock feature in your website

Even though the content lock is the best feature to increase your subscribers, there is also a risk of losing your visitors. You should only lock your content only if it gives the best value to the user. You can lock content like courses, free ebooks or any promotions that the user likes to view. If not the user gets annoyed and skips your page. Along with losing your user, you may also end up with an increased bounce rate. 

If the user is visiting your website, you definitely know what the user is interested in. You can lock that content using OptinMonsters content lock which will make him your subscriber. 

For bloggers, this content lock will help to get new subscribers for their high-value content. Giving information for free is not a bad thing but getting some benefit out of your most valuable content is not bad too.

One of the good thing about the content lock feature of OptinMonster is that you can also monetize your site, which means you can add custom HTML integration that allows you to get paid for locked content.

How to add OptinMonster Content Lock

Now let us see how you can add Content Locking in WordPress. Before getting into ‘how-to’, make sure to get the pro or plus plan from OptinMonster

Step 1: Installing the OptinMonster plugin

You can install the OptinMonster plugin directly from the WordPress plugin repository. Head over to the plugins page from your WordPress dashboard and search for the OptinMonster Plugin. 

Once you find the plugin click in the install button and activate. After installing the OptinMonster plugin, connect it to your OptinMonster account from the dashboard.

OptinMonster WordPress

In the settings panel of OptinMonster, you will find a button saying ‘Connect your Account’. Click on that and connect your account. 

Step 2: Creating your Campaign

After connecting your OptinMonster account you can head over to the plugin, where you can create different campaigns like floating bars, countdown timers, Popup boxes, sidebar forms and many more. 

creating content lock campaing

Now click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button available on the top right corner. Now you will be asked to choose the campaign type and now select the in-line option from the types. Next, choose a template which you like to use.   

Step 3: Design and Customization

After you have selected the template, you can customize your campaign as you like. You will be redirected to the builder interface where you can make changes like colour, fonts, images, display fields and display rules. 

Design and Optimization content lock

Step 4: Inline settings

After your design part is completed you can choose how your snippet executes on your webpage. Firstly you need to tick the Block Content Below Campaign button. 

inline settings content lock

After that, you will need to choose the content Blocking style. You will basically have two options. The first one is Obfuscation, which will blur the content below the display snippet. The second one is Removal, this will completely remove the text below your campaign. 

Step 5: Publishing your campaign

Once your design part is completed you can save your campaign simply by hitting the save button on the top right corner and your snippet.

Now your campaign is ready to be published on your blog. Before displaying your snippet, make sure you add your email marketing service and configure analytics settings. 

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and open OptinMonster menu. In the optins menu, you will find your newly created campaign as shown in the image below. If you do not find your optin, click on the ‘Refresh Optins’ button. 

optin slug content lock

Now you need to copy the slug beside your optin. This slug is used to display your optin for the content your wish. 

optin slug content lock2

After copying the slug go to the post for which you wish to add the content lock. Before the content, you wish to lock add this shortcode. 

[optin-monster-shortcode id=”YOUR SLUG”]

In the above shortcode replace YOUR SLUG with the copied slug. 

optinmonster content lock shortcode

Once you save your post, the content lock is displayed on your page.  


The content locker will help you in the best way to increase subscribers list. It is one of the effective tools that help your site for great conversions. 

The OptinMonster has recently launched the content locker opt-in in its plus and pro versions. This lets you block any specific content from readers displaying a widget which asks to subscribe to continue reading. If the viewer is already on your subscription list, he will not be shown this widget. With this beautiful looking widget your users will turn into subscribers. 

You can get the OptinMoster membership which also includes other best widgets like Notification Bar. You will get everything in the OptinMonster plans to generate leads and get subscribers and customers. 

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