Offline games for kids for android-divert your kids from internet

Some games insist on using the internet connection as online games for associations with social networks or particular features of the application itself. Do not worry about those games by which your kids will learn unnecessary things. Try these best offline games for kids. These offline games for kids are otherwise called no Wifi games for kids, which will make you hand over your mobile device to your kids without any tension.

Offline games for kids for android

Best offline games for kids

Although many people search for games with no WiFi, every game in one way or another connects to wifi or internet. Therefore searching for these no WiFi games will become a much burden for parents. Hence here I have done some searches for no wifi games or otherwise called offline games and listed them below.

Although there are many games that are well known to your kids too, here I bring some of these games which are a bit educational too, for your kids. The below are the best games to play without internet for your kids. I have searched for the best games in the android play store for your kids. One thing to say about all these games is your kids will just love them.  Every game will be much more amazing than the other game.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The game Minecraft is not new to anyone, but not long ago the darling of gamers won his version for Android, called Pocket Edition. Optimized for the mobile version, in it, you can create a pixelated world and enjoy different places created randomly, from simple huts to magnificent castles and find out highly dangerous creatures manufacturing armours and weapons.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

The classic Plants vs. Zombies one of the best offline games for kids, has gained improvements in its second edition. Novelties have arrived, both on the plant side and on the side of the zombies. Your goal is to protect your brains! Choose the right plants and strategies to win. Unlock stages and explore different worlds in this adventure game. This game will be one of the free offline educational games for kids.

Valiant Hearts

Valiant hearts is another one of the best offline games for kids. Indicated by many of the players, Valiant Hearts is a game that combines puzzles, adventure and action. In a mixture of exploration, puzzles and action, where four anonymous heroes fight in World War I taking the player to the locations of the time and revisiting battles.

Swamp Attack

In Swamp Attack your goal is to protect a village from the nearby marsh creatures, especially the alligators. The game is free and its game play is tower defence style, meaning in addition to watching over your booth, rewards are offered to the player. It’s a bad title and deserves some space on your Android.

Does Not Commute

Forget “Asphalts” and “Real Racings”: This is a car game for people looking for something different. It happens in a strange city of the seventies (a surreal good). In ‘Does Not Commute’, you control the vehicles of this city in a series of very strange missions, while at the same time avoiding the traffic more and more confused. Cars cannot be stopped, so their reflexes and ability to plan ahead will be pushed to the limit. It is very fun and original game.

Baldur’s Gate II-Enhanced Edition

For those who do not know, this is one of the greatest RPG sagas in history, and its transition from PC to mobile devices was very successful. You create a group of heroes, escape the clutches of the magician Irenicus, and then explore a vast world in search of revenge and adventure. Baldur’s Gate uses AD & D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) rules, which guarantees one of Android’s richest role-playing experiences.

You Must Build a Boat

In this sequel to the fantastic 10000000, you travel the world on your humble ship, expanding it and fighting monsters, capturing them in the best Pokemon style, searching for treasures and recruiting new crew members. You Must Build a Boat is a challenging and addictive game with a very intelligent fighting system. Worth a download and every penny it costs. This game will be one of the free offline educational games for kids.

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Having started their PC success story, the Cook, Serve, the delicious game has trapped thousands of gamers for hours on end with its fast gameplay, clever sound effects and a captivating visual style. In this game, you are a restaurant cook / owner who must manage his business in the best possible way: writing down several orders at once, clearing dishes and setting up rat traps. This game will also be one of the free offline educational games for kids.

Punch Quest

This vibrant and chaotic game became an immediate hit when it hit the Google Play Store. Eventually, there was an action game that did not force the player to hold below the screen to move the character, concentrating instead on buttons for blows and jumps while your character automatically runs across the screen.


One thing you should have observed from the above list of offline games for kids is, many regular time-wasting games are avoided. This list of games does not only fill up the time for your kids but also help them improve their knowledge.

The list of games is selected in such a way that your kids will fall in love with learning playing these games. Install these games for your kids and let them have fun while learning.

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