Non-copyright images for your own purposes, where to find them

Non-copyright images are most important for your personal blogs and websites. Images are the one that speaks everything. You always need to take beautiful pictures to use in the posts. Now the question is which images are to be used at the right time.

In any situation, an image can speak everything. For bloggers and content writers, it is images that speak to the people before the content does.

So it is always important to find the right image for every situation and it is also important to have copyright free images or non-copyright images for every situation.

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How to search for non-copyright images?

When it comes to world wide web it is always important that every image should be copyright free. When downloading from other websites the images contain Meta data of the website and when we download and upload to our sites and social media websites, this Meta data may cause problems to your rights.
And now when it comes to non-copyright images we can find them on many websites.
There are some websites that provide you copyright free images and free stock images for commercial use for your website and social media. You can directly access the free high-resolution images for commercial use and download them without any copyright issues.

The below is the list of Amazing non-copyright images containing websites.

1. Pixabay

The first one among non-copyright images providing websites is Pixabay. Pixabay consists of more than 1 million free stock photos vectors and also art illustrations. Intraday you can find images with names and phrases.
Pixabay provides you with a wide search of images with different types of image and you can also select resolution and type of camera with which the photo has been taken you can also see the popularity of the image.


2. Unsplash

The next in race to provide non-copyright images is the Unsplash is a beauty that will provide you images for free.
All the images in the Unsplash are so real and make you feel right for any purpose. All the answers images taken by professionals and you can also find a photograph of professionals separately. The only problem with Unsplash is that you cannot search the images with phrases. all the images are contained in meta data with single words hence you cannot search them with phrases or sentences.

Non-copyright images for your own purposes, where to find them 1

3. Freerange

The most popular royalty free images provider after Pixabay and Unsplash is free range. The free range consists of non-copyright images with all the type of dimensions and all the resolutions with different sizes in it.


4. Pexels

Pixels is the next best website for royalty free images. The best thing in pixels is that the non-copyright images are collected from various sources and published as royalty free images and you can download these non-copyright images anytime for your personal uses. For every image, you search on the picture you can also give a rating. you can like the images or even you can share the images. the license whether it is copyrighted or non-copyrighted is also provided for every image.


5. Flickr

The flicker is the otherĀ online website that provides you with copyright free images for your own purposes. You can download Flickr non-copyrighted images and use any image in the Flickr for your own purpose.



The above given is the list of online websites that provide you non-copyright images for your own purposes. There is always the need of these copyright free images and free public domain images for commercial use. This is because you can not directly download images non-copyrighted and upload in your personal profiles.

Hence it is always important to use non-copyrighted images for commercial use. An image will be copyright free only if the image is created by you or bought from the owner of the image.

So, now you need not worry to buy the images for your websites. You need pay bucks for images. The above-mentioned websites will provide you with copyright free images, ready to download and use.

If you are searching for still unique images for your websites you can always go to paid images from some popular websites like Shutterstock and download and use them. From the above-listed sites, you can get non-copyrighted cartoon images for free.

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