Do you know about these Must have apps for android Users?

We have many must have apps for android that cost nothing. We usually get them from play stores. Now a day’s Smartphone are not only the trending things in our society. But the apps which are used by the user are the trend.

We have many apps but the best are always least. We need to select the best apps for our android. Here are some must have apps for android that can be downloaded free with one click.

must have apps for android

Must have apps for android users:

This is the Smartphone Era. Everyone is having a Smartphone. This article introducing few of the Must have apps for android for every Smartphone user. I started my research on which apps are using most of the user on the web. So finally I found few of the Apps in this research. Here I am not included common Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and some other gaming apps. So I picked below list as per their Rating and Positive reviews.

1. Viber:


Viber is a free application which lets us send free messages and make free calls from our android phone to another phone that are using Viber on their smartphone. We can also share photos and videos to the other Viber contacts for free.

2. Feedly:


Feedly is an Android and iOS app. It provides news from different sources for the readers. This app came into existence after the removal of Google reader from Google services. Its main function is to collect RSS feeds and provide them to readers.

3. Go launcher:

Go Launcher

Go launcher is the most advanced launcher for android. It gives you more options by which your phone can be customised.  There are many thousands of paid as well as free themes, plugins, and widgets available for Go Launcher.

4. Music Paradise:

Music Paradice

It is a free entertainment app from which you can download free music right onto your android mobile. All we have to do is to search for music or album or album terms and download the music.

It also has a built-in music player which lets you listen to downloaded music right from the same interface. You can also listen to music while downloading.

5. Instagram:


Instagram is a must have an android app in every smart mobile. This app lets us apply a verity of photo filters and its effects after capturing photos within the app before we share it with other Instagram users. The awesome feature is that this app gives the ability to create photos with tilt-shift effect.


These are the top 5 must have android apps in every mobile. These apps can be downloaded free from app stores or any other official websites. Along with these, there are also some other must have apps for android like Facebook, twitter, UC browser, AVG antivirus. These all are the must have app for android which enables us to use our smart mobile efficiently.

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