Money transfer app: leading to a life of digital money

If you are in India you might recently know the importance of this money transfer app. Although there are some money transfer app facilities before, with the effect of demonetization it became compulsory to know about these money transfer app facilities.

Before this demonetization people used to do barter through liquid money. Now there is a very little chance of exchanging liquid cash for our daily utilities. In the future, it may become still worse. So it is better to us to learn about some money transfer apps. Here we should first consider whether you should link your money transfer app to your bank account or not.

money transfer app

It is also good for you to learn about the list of domestic money transfer companies in India. By these money handling apps, there are many advantages.

  • Can go cashless
  • Free from fear of theft
  • Privacy problems minimised
  • Free from banks

When we go cashless we need not fear of spending. We can handle it with our smartphone. As this is a smartphone era everybody carries a smartphone. These smartphones are developed so much that every new feature is merely easy to reach huge masses. Hence we can use these smartphones as communication devices.

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Money transfer app facilities: in India

The necessary thing in communication is money transfer. For every purpose, money should be exchanged. What now? We are going cashless. No need to worry. You can simply install and learn about these money transfer apps for best experience going cashless.

Paytm: for small amount transactions


Up to the last year Paytm is very rarely used in India as a money transfer app. After the effect of the demonetization, all the things turned around. Everybody started depending on the Paytm for small amounts. Hence, making Paytm available for more than quarter of Indians.

This Paytm app even though started small, now became the most popular app in India. In the Paytm you can simply send your money to other Paytm users by simply entering their number into your app. You can also link your Paytm account with your bank account so that you can transfer your money easily with a click. There is also a facility to link your card for shopping in Paytm.

SBI app: for large money transactions

The SBI stepped ahead in creating its own app for money transfer for its customers. In the SBI app, you can directly enter into your account and make your payments or transactions.

sbi app

By using this app you can have cent percent secure transactions. This money transfer app provides detailed information about your transactions, deposits, loans and SSA accounts. You can view a mini statement of your last transactions in your app.

The fund’s transfer is the important feature in this money handling app. By using this money transfer app you can transfer your money along with your third party transfer. Your money transfer is made much easier by the QR code reader integrated into the app. You can also transfer money to other persons having other methods of cash handling.

Moneygram: for out of country money transfers

The Moneygram is a money transferred app used by many thousands of people every day. It is used by people all around the globe. Here in MoneyGram, you can transfer your money from your country to anywhere in the world.


The organisation was established a very long ago. And it has the best security options. The MoneyGram is very secure and reliable source.

You can fix your every dollar for its own purpose in the Moneygram app. This is a very fast app providing you with the best transfer of money mostly within 10 minutes.


Final words

Every money transfer app listed above has its own features. These will be suitable for any kind of person whether handling less amount or more amount or business personalities. By using these apps you can have a very secure and easy life.

Stop carrying cash and make everything cashless. Even though you go around on cash, liquid cash is not being accepted by anybody. Start using these money transfer apps and go cashless.

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