How to make money with apps for Android and iOS users

There are many ways to make money with apps on the internet. There are a vast number of app developers that make very little money with their apps. Anyway, there are a lot who have good living by learning to earn money with apps. Some of them are even creating multi-billion dollar companies.

make money with apps

Better processes to make money with apps

To make money with apps it is also essential to choose the apps that earn money. The best android apps that make money are listed below. The following apps will give money on the app for using them.

When I wrote this article a few months ago there are a very few apps that provide money for working on them, but in recent times the number of apps that allow you to earn money while working on them increased.

In recent months some mobile applications are released that pay you money for activities like sharing and inviting people.

So I have added some of those good money paying apps for you in this article.

1. PhonePe App


The PhonePe app is a product of Flicart and it allows users to transfer money. Now the PhonePe has launched refer and earn policy after a long time. Now the user can earn money for referring the app for others. For every refer you will earn Rs. 20 to Rs. 100.

2. Goibibo

How to make money with apps for Android and iOS users 1

Now Goidbibo is also giving lot of benefits to its users. For every transfer and for every refer the Goidbibo gives you money. You can even book tickets for busses, trains and Flights with that money.

3. Slidejoy – Earn Free PayTm Cash by Sliding the Screen

slidejoy app

Slidejoy is another great app for your smart phone. The slide app lets you earn paytm cast just by seeing adds. All you need to do is just check unlock your screen. When you unlock your screen they display some information and you just need to slide them away. For every slide you earn cash.

4. Surveys on the go:

survays on the go

It is a survey app in which major political campaigns and jury trials will be shown in headlines every day. We should give opinions and apps will pay users for participating in them.

We get $0.25 to $5 for our opinions usually, we get $1.

The app works on android 2.2 and above. The current version is 2.7.2.

5. Ibotta:


It is a shopping app. We can make money by shopping our regular products and brands using ibotta. What we get is $10 for just trying ibotta. Afterwards, for every purchase, it will give some money

It works on android 2.2 and above. The current version is 1.8.2.

6. Foap:


It is an app that allows making money by just taking photos. Foap pays money for every single photo you take. We can also change the money we get as much as for every single picture we take.

7. Fieldagent:

Field agent

This app allows us to earn money by doing jobs listed in the “job list”. We can locate the jobs in the main navigation window. We should select the job to see additional details and accept it. You will have some hours time to complete the job. Before starting the task should make sure to be near to objective.

8. Receipt Hog:

Reciept Hog

This app is also a shopping app. Unlike some other apps, we need not shop in certain stores only. We can shop anywhere and take photos of the receipts. When we submit the photos in the app we get extra points for PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

9. App trailers:

app trailers

This app pays money for watching high-quality streaming videos of new apps in the app store. This is the only app where we can see the movie preview of an app and make money.

10. Iconzoomer:


This app gets us money by just completing assignments by taking photos and uploading them. We also can share our thoughts in this app on market products and earn money on it.

This app runs on android 2.2 and above. The current version of the app is 3.7.

11. GymPact:


This app helps the users make money on the app by using it. Users have to make a week-long pack on the app to work out, and for that app pays money. We will also lose points for every work out we miss.

This app runs on android 2.1 and above. The current version of the app is 2.5.2.

12. NPolls:


NPolls takes users opinions by answering polls. The topics may include politics, sports, social trends, lifestyle, brands and much more.

We will get $0.20 for survey and payment is made via PayPal.

13. Mobile rewards:


We get credits in this app by completing offers and watching videos. We can start earning instantly after registering into it. We get credits for watching videos which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal.


By choosing the apps which pay you the best we can earn more. Many app developers will develop best pay android apps for the users. Users just need to select the best apps that make money.

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