Keeper Password Manager review 2020 – Your first business priority

What does the Keeper password manager and digital vault do?

Your business is the first priority that you need to save from cyber crimes and password threats. You need to secure your passwords from these threats to keep your business run smoothly. Now to maintain all of that you need to have an eye regularly on all your passwords of different websites.

The biggest struggle in maintaining passwords in businesses is remembering them all. For instance, in your company, all login credentials that are created for a website needs to be informed to all the other employees of your company. When a new login is created the information is needed to be passed to all your workers manually. Hence password management becomes much difficult. Here goes the detailed Keeper Password manager review 2020 to make your business worth it using this secure password manager.

Is Keeper password manager worth it!

Keeper is a password management tool that has constantly underlined security, more than many Password managers. The Keeper Password manager has made some brilliant updates since the last time I looked into it, including modernizing its interface while fortifying its effectively amazing security highlights.

The quick guide on how to use Keeper secure password manager and digital vault helps you to set up your account and gets you ready for action fastly. Initially, you are guided on importing any passwords that you already saved in your browser. You can likewise import passwords if you have stored them in any other 15 other prominent password managers, including Dashlane and LastPass.

Next, you will be guided through adding the Keeper security extension to your browser, making your first record, and including your credit card data and personal info for auto-filling into websites. At last, it prompts you to turn on two-factor verification. The Keeper also includes text message, Google Authenticator (TOTP), Smart Watch, RSA SecurID, and DUO Security and FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F).

Keeper’s fundamental utility is catching your accreditations at whatever point you sign in to a site. At the point when you first visit a protected site, you can let the Keeper save your logins when asked or you can create new login details directly in Keeper using lock icon in the fields.  The Keeper also has the feature password generator that can also create a new password of 8 to 51 characters using a mix of upper and lower-case letters and numerals all by itself. At the point when you save the record, Keeper consequently fills the site’s login fields with the new logins.

After saving your credentials in the Keeper you will be continuously prompted with a pop-up which will ask you whether to autofill the credentials in the site you open. If you have a couple of login credentials to the same website you will be shown all of them when you click on the lock icon.

Additional features of Keeper password manager

This password manager also has a feature of recognising when you’ve used “change password” of a particular site and prompts an option to update to the new password in the vault. To guarantee your power over your passwords, the Keeper never auto-updates your passwords in the vault.

As many Keeper security reviews suggest the Keeper plugin for browser is genuinely insignificant. At the top, there will be a field to search for passwords by entering the site name. Underneath that is switching on and off of the lock that shows up in sites’ login fields, and buttons to enter the vault, different Keeper secure password manager and digital vault settings and a logout button. When you tap on the vault in the browser extension the Keeper’s web interface is opened.  The vault shows every one of your passwords in a list or as tiles. You can add photos, create custom fields and also add notes to each password record for your convenience in the Keeper.

Every password you add to your vault will be checked by the security section which will show you the strength of the password or if it is used earlier. This will make you choose strong passwords for your sites. It additionally shows to what extent it’s been since every password was changed, however, NIST rules never again suggest consistently changing your passwords and encourage you to do it simply after you realize it’s been undermined. The Keeper’s BreachWatch security feature makes it simpler to find taken passwords.

In Keeper, you can also share your secret passwords securely with anyone who has the Keeper security account. The beneficiary will have the option to utilize the login but he cannot modify it

keeper password manager

For non-business individuals

The free version of Keeper will let you access your vault on one device with unlimited sites with a master password. In this, you can save passwords, payment, fingerprint and face id logins and auto-fill data. You can opt for a personal membership of Keeper security which includes secure record sharing, the Emergency Access highlight, web application access and customer support more devices for $30 every year.

For Business/Enterprise

The Keeper secure password manager and digital vault for Business will give you additional security features which will lead your business to run smoother without threats and password problems. With just $2.50 per employee, you can keep your business in hands safely. Below are the features you get with a premium plan of Keeper.

Keeper Business

You can have a free trial of 14 days before you purchase your Keeper password manager and digital vault for Business account. In this period you can get used to your dashboard and all the other features of the Keeper Password Manager. In the trial period, you will get access to these features.

keeper business features

To try Keeper password manager and digital vault for free, click the below link and enter the website. On the top right of page you will see an option ‘Get Keeper Free.’ Click on that and choose the option ‘For Business Use’. In the next page give your company details and continue with the free trial.

keeper free trial


How to Buy Keeper Business password manager

Step: 1 

Visit the official site of Keeper Security by clicking here. In the main page, hower over the solutions tab. You will see a list of plans that Keeper offers. Click on the ‘See Pricing’ option of the Business bar.

Step: 2

In the next page choose the size of your business. You can select the number of employees you want keeper password manager for and You can click on the ‘buy now’ button.

How to buy keeper password manager

In this step, you can choose a minimum of 5 employees if yours is a small business to a maximum of 100 employees if yours is a large business. If you want the Keeper security business password manager for more than 100 you can directly contact the sales department to request a quote.

Step: 3

In the next screen enter the email address and click on ‘next.’

How to buy keeper password manager

An email will be sent to your mail with a verification code. On the next screen enter the verification code and click on ‘next.’

Step: 4

Finally, you will be taken to a check out page where you can review your price and checkout by entering the payment details.


Keeper is a password manager used in password management and it is one of the best tools in the internet which will help you grow your business. This secure password manager can also be used for individual purposes and also for the family. To assess the Keeper password manager click  here

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Is Keeper a good password manager?

The Keeper password manager is definitely the one which you might have been searching for. Its best password management tools will make you password stay secure in the Keeper password manager vault.

How much does Keeper password manager cost?

The Keeper password manager for business only costs you $2.5 per month for one employee. For personal usage, the cost will still reduce which is well affordable.

How do I set Keeper password manager?

To set a Keeper password manager after purchasing the plan from Keeper password manager you can access the Google Chrome web store and search for the Keeper Chrome extension and install the extension.

Can password managers be hacked?

The Keeper Password manager gives you the best security for your password vault. Thus it provides you trouble-free usage in saving your passwords from hackers.

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