Image compressor tools to compress large size images

Image Compressor tools. This may not be an unknown term to many of us. You may be using these compressor tools to compress large size images. These compressor tools are available for users in premium and also for free.

Let us today talk about some of the free image compressor tools. To say these free tools have the same features as of premium once. But for the premium, you get the more secure format of conversion.

image compressor

 These image compressor tools will be useful to us in many instants. You may be thinking to post a photo on any social networking sites like Facebook, twitter or hike, but the size of the image is so big that it is not supported by the particular social site. Then you can opt for these image compressor tools to have image size reduce in KB. Within no time these tools will reduce the size of your images and gives you. There is also no compromise in picture quality also. You get the same quality as uploaded.

Here are some of these tools to reduce image sizes in KB’s.

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Offline Image Compressor tools

For those who have net can compress image size online, but what about who doesn’t have the internet. For them, there are some image compressor software those run offline.

Compress PNG Photoshop is a better idea for us. But many don’t know how to use the Photoshop. For them, there are some simple image compressor software that works offline.

1: Caesium Compressor

The caesium compressor is best image compressor software that is suitable for the desktop. Here on this image compressor, you can compress any photo within seconds. The interface of the software is so good. Even though the word was done is simpler it is done perfectly. The quality of the image is never reduced by using this compressor software.

2: Pictures Optimizer

The pictures optimizer is also another tool used to compress large size images. Even though the image is compressed the important thing to be considered is the image should not have any Metadata after compressing. This compressor tool helps us in that way. It erases all the Metadata of the image like date, tags, origin etc…

3: JPEG Compressor

The JPEG compressor is used to compress images in a perfect way. In the JPEG converter, you can convert many formats of images. In this software, you can also adjust the colour ratios and intensity ratios by your own. You can even leave the same image as is before compressed.


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Online image compressor websites

The online image compressor tools give you instant access to it. Here, you can upload your images and you can download them compressed. Here are some of the best online images compressor websites.

1: TinyPNG

The tiny PNG is the popular online image compressor tool. By using this software you can compress and download images of any size. You can just select your PNG image and upload it to panda. Then it will compress PNG and give you to download. You can download it directly to your PC. You can compress many images at a time by using Tiny PNG.

2: Compress JPEG

This compressor is meant to compress JPEG images. All our basic images are of JPEG. Hence it is not a big deal of using this JPEG compressor tool. This compress JPEG tool is a very fast loading website. The interface is also very good without any irrelative things.

3: Compress Image Tooler

This is a best image compressing website. When you look up to this website the interface is so clear and so readable. This website will not look like one related to images but is a very good one to have your JPEG images compressed.



These are the image compressor tools some of which can be used online and some which work offline. The compressor tools do not work equally on every image. Images vary with each other based on the type of format they are saved in. These image compressor apps are made such a way that one is used for one format only.

So before you attempt to compress these images you need to verify the type of format the images are off. For small compressors try the online compressor tools.

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