How to Boost Your High Speed Internet with easy tricks

Firstly you should know how to check the internet speed before knowing anything about How to boost internet speed. To check your internet speed you can proceed to online checking. Speed test provided by Okla is a best speed checking engine for you across the globe.

boost internet speed

here are the Best answers for the questions, how to boost internet speed

Have you already checked your internet speed, do you get less speed that the money you paid for the internet? Follow this quick guide to increase the speed of the internet.

1. Reinstall your modem/router: It might be so long since you have installed your router. This also causes a great deal in your internet connectivity. Try a different router to speed up internet. As of I heard, routers that are aged will cause many internet dropouts regularly.

2. Virus check: Make sure that no viruses are hanging around in your computer. You may think, how viruses will affect your internet speed? Sometimes viruses can take all your data down. Make sure that the viruses don’t suck down your data.

It is also important to note that you may also find some antivirus application used to detect Trojans also use much data in the background. Make sure you turn off data consumptions for those applications.

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How to Boost Your High Speed Internet with easy tricks 1

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3. The first way is to maximize your router but before that, you have to know your manual well. It will help you with the settings that you might alter and ensure that you optimize the settings. It is also important to place it in the right place so that there isn’t a lot of traffic or a lot of obstructions between the router and the computer. It is better to boost internet speed if it is right next to the computer.

4. The next thing to do would be to get rid of those programs which are not required and are taking up a lot of space. Some of these programs start as soon as the computer is started and drain bandwidth. The settings of these applications should be adjusted so that you don’t initiate them when the computer is started and increase wifi speed.

5. Using all your mobile broadband bandwidth to just one computer is the next important thing to do. You would often be tempted to use the wireless internet over multiple computers but that would only slow things for you.

6. It is good to have a password protection for your wireless connection so that others don’t access your wireless network without your permission or knowledge. This could also be dangerous because others could steal your confidential information which isn’t what you want.

7. Another way is to consult the broadband service provider company if you constantly find slow speeds. Discussing the issues will help you find a solution and the provider may actually detect a technical issue that can be fixed easily. You may even need to upgrade your whole broadband connection in order to get better speeds.

8. You could also try to use an antenna which could be an extension. This will help you increase the speed of the internet that you get on the mobile phone. You can get up to 7.2 Mb speed through a broadband dongle. Using a USB lead could also help you increse the speed of internet broadband connection.

9. The mobile high-speed broadband internet connection should be evaluated too in your area. Sometimes, certain providers do not provide a reliable connection in certain areas. Checking that out before you pay out any money will help you avoid choosing the wrong provider.

Few quick tips for you to boost up your internet speed

Here are some simple and quick tips that will help you know how to increase internet speed.

  1. Check the filter attached to routers
  2. Check for applications that consume data on background
  3. Avoid wireless data as possible as you can
  4. Make sure devices causing electromagnetic interface are kept far from the routers
  5. Make sure your cables are short enough and keep the router nearer to your PC
  6. Replace the old cables with new ones

These quick tips will also help you boost internet speed easily.

Final words

Your internet will definitely work to its potential if you make sure all these simple tips are followed. And finally, don’t keep your Router switched on continuously. Make sure you switch off and on your modems and routers once in two days to speed up internet. This will create a change in IP and your internet takes its speed.

So, now you know simple tricks on how to boost internet speed and improve internet speed, enjoy your high-speed internet with these simple tricks. If you feel like I have missed anything, share it in the comment section below. You can also follow us on the social sites for more tips like this. follow us on Facebook.

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