Holographic Computers and introduction to leap motion

Holographic Computers for new technology. The new generations await for the new technology. The Holography is not at all a new word for many who see fiction movies. In many Hollywood movies (like Marvels Productions and many) holography is made a part of them to amaze people. As part of it, the idea of Holographic computers has emerged into the minds of many creators and engineers.

holographic computers

Let me give you a brief knowledge of Holographic computers. The holographic computers technology is the same as a video projection using a projector. Here in Holographic computers, the computer desktop is projected into the air. These holographic projection computers can be made of special projectors with three-dimensional projections. In the Hollywood movies like Iron man, they showed these 3d holographic computers as a special attraction while Stark Building the Tower.

Space efficient Holographic computers

space efficient holographic computers

While talking about the holographic computers there are many special ways, these can be used. These can be used in public places where walls and all are not present to fix a screen.

Mostly these are space efficient. These can be placed anywhere and after the use, they will be completely invisible. By using these, a major problem like breaking is avoided. And can be taken anywhere with ease. The hologram computer screen is made such a way to occupy less space in the workspace.

Holographic Keyboards with leap motion

While we discuss Holographic keyboards it is important to know about the leap motion. The Holographic computers are not needed to include leap motion as they do not require motion along it if those are just made for viewing. In Holographic Keyboards the leap motion should be included as the keys should work on the motion of our hands. The hologram projector can display any type of image or video or a computer screen.

holographic keyboard

But if a leap motion is included in it, the projection can work on the motion of our hands. Ion the leap motion systems there are special sensors used. These sensors will recognise the motion of our fingers and act along.

For example, when you want your holographic computer’s screen to act as a touch screen, you should introduce leap motion into the projection. That means when you try to scroll the screen using your fingers along the projection, the motion sensors will recognise the position of your fingers and the screen will scroll with your fingers.

Leap Motion used with ordinary computers

There are also some devices which can be used in conjunction with your ordinary computer screens. A Leap motion device that will act as a mouse can be attached to the computer and placed before the screen and that will act as a mouse. That is when you scroll along the screen will scroll, and when you touch the screen, a click action is performed.


The leap motion technology and the holographic computers have not yet come into the market. But many brands were on the market that takes you to that experience. But not in a much time all this technology will be right in our hands.

The leap motion technology will make everything change including the automobile engineering. The holographic computer technology is not a new concept of technology. The holographic computer technology along with leap motion technology is known from the very beginning. The leap motion developers were so keen in improving it to take it to the next level.

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