Google services: services presently run by Google

Google services are not new to us. Headed from California, United States, Google was founded on Sept 4, 1998. Since then Google has launched many of its own services and made them the most user-friendly than any of the other service providers. This made the Google the top most service provider all over the world.


Google services

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Discontinued Google Services

Google is running many services presently but there are also many services that are removed by the Google. There are a list of 40 Google services that are discontinued by Google that is listed below.

discontinued google services

The above are the discontinued Google services by Google. Even though many of the Google services have been discontinued, it is successfully running many other Services which are presently most trending.


List of Google services

Currently, there are many Google services running. Some most widely used services are given below.

Web Search

Google web search have become the very important part in many peoples’ day to day life. Google enjoys a huge amount of traffic every day from its most prominent Google service. The minimum of 1 billion searches is done on the Google web search tool every day. There are many other web search tools to search World Wide Web like Yahoo, Bing etc., but they are unable to compete with the Google’s master tool.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the official browser developed by Google. It was first launched in 2005. First, it was launched for Microsoft windows. Later the services were extended to Linux, Mac and android. The Google Chrome is an app that is capable of running online and offline websites.

Google Maps

The Google maps is the advanced step of Google Services. By using the Google maps one can find any location with just a keyword. There are options to view as maps or as of satellite. The Google Maps will be the best navigational app of any other navigational apps.


The Earth is another Google service that is not known to many of us. In this service there will be a wide range of videos about geographic exploring. You can view the world right from your desktop by using this Earth service.


The Gmail service provides you to send emails to anyone. This is mainly developed for official purposes. For regular chats, there is also a service called google hangout that is in the Gmail application. In the Gmail, you can also attach files that you want to send.


The Google drive is the service of Google that provides you for storing any of your data. This is in other words called as mass storage. The Google drive provides you free cloud storage up to 15 GB. After the outage of GB, you can purchase the pro version of Google Drive for unlimited storage.


Docs is the application in with you can write. This is just like an Office word. The only thing is you write everything online. Everything will be saved in the Google Drive. You can also download the docs to your devices anytime.

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For calculations and excel purposes you can opt-out the Sheets. This Google service can be used to develop accounts and calculations as an excel sheet.


The slides can be helpful to you to create presentations. By these, you can create your own presentation anywhere. The best thing in this is you don’t need any additional storage device or working device to carry your presentation.


The google+ is the extraordinary Google service in which you can share your ideas with everyone. You can post in the google+ which will reach the public. There will also be newsfeed of many others which give you a good time pass.


The blogger is a free platform to start your own blog. If you start a blog in blogger you get a “” extension. You can also register your domain by paying. If you register your domain your extension will be removed and you get “.com” extension.


These are many other Google services by Google. The above listed are some of them.

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