Google Duo: Everything you need to know about new Video calling app

The new Google video calling app, Google Duo, is available for iOS and Android, bringing simplicity and independence of your email.

Google Duo

True, Google already has Hangouts as an app for video calls that works on different platforms and classes of devices. However, Google Duo is verified through your phone number instead of your email account. In addition, Google Duo offers better call quality and is simpler to use.

Everything you need to know about Google Duo:

Google Duo Video chat app

  • When a person calls you, you can watch your live video before answering.
  • The transition between Wi-Fi and cellular connection: Google Duo allows you to connect and disconnect from a Wi-Fi network and the cellular network of your phone, without disconnecting the call.
  • The quality of the image depends on the connection you have.
  • Duo only allows calls between two people.
  • All calls are encrypted.
  • You do not need a Google account to use Duo.
  • It is necessary that the person you call has the Duo app installed.
  • The duo is compatible with Android Jelly Bean (4.2) and higher, as with iOS 9 and above.
  • Google Duo is available in 78 languages.
  • You can block phone numbers in Settings> Blocked Numbers.
  • Knock Knock only works on the Android lock screen. In iOS, you need to have the app open.
  • You can only receive Knock Knock of people in your contacts.
  • You can completely deactivate Knock Knock in Settings> Knock Knock.

Google Duo vs Hangouts: What are the differences?

  • While Duo uses your phone number to verify your account, Hangouts uses your Google account.
  • You need to have Duo or Hangouts to make video calls between mobile devices, but Hangouts can also use this feature from a computer without downloading an app (just entering Gmail and Google+, among other services in the company).
  • Hangouts can be used for chat only, Duo no.
  • Knock Knock only works with Duo.
  • Duo only allows calls between two people, while Hangouts allows group calls.
  • Duo offers greater security since it has complete encryption.
  • Google Duo, the Video calling app offers more stability in video calls and promises to offer better quality.
  • Both apps are free and available for iOS and Android.
  • The Duo interface is simpler since it only offers the function to make video calls.
  • Google Hangouts will continue to exist despite Duo but will be more focused on chat communications and group video calls

You can download Google Duo app for Google video cal Android on Google Play store here or for iOS on the Apple App Store here.

Advantage over other video calling apps

There are many video calling apps in the market, including Skype and Facebook Messenger, among others. In fact, Google already has Hangouts for video calls, as well as chat.

However, the great advantage that Google Duo has is that it is very simple to use to chat online and does not depend on your Google account, but your phone number. In addition, although it looks a lot like FaceTime on the iPhone and Apple devices, Duo also works on Android.

During the time I tried it, the call quality was actually higher than what Hangouts generally offers, and although the images were pixelated when I disconnected from Wi-Fi to use the cellular network, the sound quality remained relatively similar.

Final words

Also, the Knock Knock function did not always work for me despite calling from Android to Android, so I still have some things to improve on the basic front.

It’s true that Google Duo app differs slightly from Hangouts, but I’m not sure if this difference really makes it worthwhile to download another app to use something we’ve been using for years. In addition, it is necessary that your friends also download Duo to be able to start using it. The Google Duo download for video calling is available in the Google stores and also Apple App Store.

The duo might be more useful if all Android phones brought this pre-installed app, as is often the case with Hangouts. Suddenly, Google plans to do this with Android 7.0 Nougat.

This also is one of the best video conference apps for free video calls online and free video chat. We should always remember that video chat with strangers is always dangerous and it may harm you anytime so be conscious while having a video chat with strangers.

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