Free Operating system : Best operating systems for computer

In general, there is a number of free Operating system available on the internet. What is an operating system? An operating system is a software handles all the hardware and software of the computer. Every computer program needs an operating system to run. However, it is the central part of all the other hardware parts of a computer.

This operating system is used in receiving input from the keyboard, to display the output on the monitor, to execute programs in order and much more. Unlike personal computers, for larger systems, the work of operating system is much heavier. this also manages security issues, checks system performance, error detections, also makes coordination between the user and the computer.

The types of operating systems are Distributed type, Templated type, Embedded type, Real-time, and library operating systems. On the whole, these types are determined by the way the operation of the operating system is performed. Some of the operating system examples are Windows, Mac, Unix which are premium operating systems available in the market.

Free Operating system

The free operating system list of free versions is listed below:

The below are five operating systems that are available for free for computer users.

1. Ubuntu:


This is a community-developed, free operating system based upon Linux operating system. In the first place, Ubuntu comes with many pre-installed apps that make the user more convenient. The Ubuntu Office is the special feature of Ubuntu software. All the features that help in office works, typing skills can be enhanced in using Ubuntu office.

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The Ubuntu software centre is the place where you can find well-reputed software. Chiefly, it includes Chrome, Opera and other browsers. Thunderbird is an another excellent feature of Ubuntu. This is an email complex from where you can manage your emails.

2. Fedora:


Fedora is a free operating system based on the Linux operating system. The Fedora Project which was an open source community developed it. The latest version of it was Fedora 18 which utilises GNOME 3.6.3.

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Fedora is used all over the world. By using Fedora you can manage your system by cockpits Powerful and modern Interface.

3. Chrome OS:


To point out, the Chrome OS was announced by Google. Firstly, it was announced by the google as a lightweight operating system. This operating system is first released as to open a window on Linux OS. Later on, it was upgraded as to run on X86 and ARM chips. At present this is a free operating system.

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The main feature of this operating system is that all the apps are web apps. Above all, the functions run on Browser. Because of that security is very much high for this free operating system. It does not allow any other apps simply to be installed in its OS. Moreover, this makes some features easy and accessible. It is not necessary to install and update your apps as all are web apps.

4. NetBSD:


NetBSD is a free operating system, fast and highly secure operating system. Generally speaking, it  is a multi-platform support operating system. High-performance PCI IDE is employed in it. Given that, this operating system has many file system types and large IDE files.

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All the tools and user utilities are embedded in BSD code. This BSD code is open for all and is free. By this, any update in the software can be changed publicly.

5. Haiku:


Haiku is one of the free operating system examples. This was started as an open-source operating system. Haiku program was started in 2001, since then it became self-hosting one in 2008, which was released in 2009.

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This operating system is available for free. All we need is a system having the following parameters. architecture like 32-bit x86. The memory of 128 MB internal. A Hard disk memory of 700 MB.


In brief, an operating system is an intermediate thing between the hardware and software parts of a computer. However, without the operating system, it is impossible to run the computer. The premium OSs make us much suffocated asking for new updates all the time. Therefore these free operating systems get out of these type of problems.


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