How Free Antivirus Software Can Ease Your Pain From Virus Attacks

How do we get a free Antivirus Software

Before knowing how to get a free antivirus software we should know what is an antivirus software and how it works for a PC.

An antivirus software is one which detects the computer virus and removes them. This antivirus software is developed to remove the malicious software that is created in the computers.

The virus and malicious software are created by someone or may be automatically created by the robots of computers.

Anyway, there are many free antivirus software developed to remove this kind of malicious programs. These free software are available in app stores as well as many websites.

free antivirus software

There are many free antivirus for windows 7, Free antivirus for windows 8 and free antivirus for windows 10 etc.

Here is some best free antivirus software that helps your PC to run in a proper way without any malicious virus attacks.

Avast free antivirus

The Avast free antivirus is the best free antivirus software for your PC. It works on all the windows operating systems. The latest version of Avast antivirus is so simple to use. This software is efficient and has a strong security system. This becomes a good choice for users opting for free antivirus software.

Avast is a complete software. It protects you from harmful threats from Internet, emails, your system and also P2P connections etc.

Even though this software has some cons, every con has a specific advantage overwriting it. For example, it requires continuous updates, all are available for free.

Get Avast Free Antivirus for your PC

Avira antivirus


The Avira antivirus Software is the free antivirus software provided by Avira. This antivirus software along with cleaning the malware also wipes off the online records for free.

The new Avira antivirus software acts as a centralised security control over all the devices. This software is supported for all the Windows Operating Systems.

The Avira antivirus provides an exceptional performance at just a click. the Avira free antivirus software has the ability to scan and archive every file directory.

Get Avira Antivirus Software for your PC

AVG Antivirus


AVG antivirus helps for a smooth running of a PC. This Antivirus system was provided for windows, android and also for MAC, This antivirus software warns you of web links that are unsafe. The AVG antivirus also scans the files very quickly and also very quietly.

We can switch to the pro version at any time. The pro version has completely good features in checking the virus attacks.

The AVG antivirus provides a free and fast scan of all the files and clears the malicious threats on the computer.

Get AVG Antivirus Software for your PC

360 Total Security


The 360 total security is supported for Windows  7 and later. The cloud and antivirus database which is uploaded in this antivirus software protect you from attacked by the malicious virus, trojans and malware.

It also checks the unwanted APKS and warns about them to the user. It even deletes them at a click.

The 360 total security possess a complete hand over the threats of software. this contains a sandbox in which applications can be run for testing. This provides free and anti-theft programs to make the PC theft free.

Get 360 Total Security for your PC

Final words

This antivirus software cleans up the junk and helps the system work smoothly and fast. The above mentioned are best suitable as free antivirus for Windows 7 and also free antivirus for windows 10.

These free antivirus software are available on many websites and also app stores. To work on a computer with fast and good experience, we need to have a virus free computer.

There are many PRO antivirus software all around. The free antivirus software also does the same. Then why to opt for PRO versions. Simply try these best free antivirus that suits your computer.

Although, there are many virus programs many antivirus programs are developed to overcome them.

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