How to create coupon popups for best conversions

If you have ever wondered why many websites and companies promote coupons! its because they attract the customers more than any other promotional offer does. People tend to unlock coupons and use then when purchasing the products.

OptinMonster Coupon Pop-ups

Providing the right coupons to the customers at the right time is the necessary thing you can do to boost your sales. Most of the businesses and marketing people does provide coupons to their customers through emails and social media which is the best thing to do. But what about the audience that visits your site from other sources.

Most of the traffic that your site goes in vain not finding the right promotion on the landing pages. Yet, sharing these coupon codes with your customers makes all the difference. If you are one such person losing a lot of traffic in vain, then its time to consider about these coupon popups.

There are several different ways to create and display coupon popups. Let us take a look at how to create a coupon popup in WordPress or woocommerce site. Most eCommerce platforms like woocommerce allow you to create coupon codes.

What are Coupon Popups?

In general, you can create a coupon code or a discount code in your WordPress and e-commerce sites. But the biggest challenge is to share them with your audience such that they can use them on time.

There are many ways you can share these coupons with your customers. Out of all the ways coupon popups are the best way to make your visitors into paying customers.
Coupon Popups are those ordinary popups you use to increase the subscribers’ list, showing discount code etc. Out of all the benefits of popups, using these popups for showing discount code is the best thing to increase the leads.

Are Coupon popups good?

If you are an old school guy like me, then you should have known that back in days, coupon popups has got a very bad reputation due to their extensive use.
Websites used to display popups for coupons even if the users use to dislike them. Most visitors got irritated due to these coupon popups back then, due to the fact that they have no control over the popups.

But to answer the question now, the coupon popups will do fine for your website if you use them in a correct way.
There are three things you need to follow while using these coupon popups in your website.

  • Always make the popups easy to close. Let the user decide whether to use the coupon or get rid of the offer.
  • Show right popups at right time. And don’t make your popups popping regularly. Give a gap of at least two page-visits.
  • Design popups that match your site and write statements that attract your customers.

If you follow these three rules, your coupon popups can make a good impression to your visitors, thus increasing your conversion rates.
So, let me dive into guiding you to create your first coupon popup.

How to create Coupon Popups?

As we are in WordPress era, everything is fine and simple to create in your WordPress website. All you need to do is to follow this simple guide to create stunning coupon popups and grab your first lead through coupon popups for any product.
To create coupon popups I recommend to use the OptinMonster for your website. OptinMonster is a well-known website to many of us which offer the best lead generating opt-ins for any product for better conversions.
If you are not into Optinmonster yet, get an account from OptinMonster and sign in now to start creating coupon popups.

Step 1: Gearing up with OptinMonster

To start creating coupon popups you need an OptinMonster account. Go to the OptinMonster website and create an account. Once you create your account you can install the OptinMonster plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
With the help of this plugin, you can create campaigns directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Open your website dashboard and click on the OptinMonster menu on the WordPress sidebar.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 1

If you have not already connected to the OptinMonster account, click on the connect your account button which will take you to the OptinMonster dashboard.

Step 2: Creating the campaign

Now its time for you to create a campaign for the popup.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 2

On the OptinMonster dashboard, you can find a button saying ‘create campaign’, click on that to start creating your campaign.
Then, you will be suggested to select the type of campaign you wish to create. You can create fullscreen displays, inline, slide-ins and even floating bars using OptinMonster.
Select the popup type campaign from the given opt-ins.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 3

On the next screen, you will get different template suggestions to select from. In that, you can choose the Coupon template.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 4

Click on the coupon box and click on the ‘Use Template’ button.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 5

Now its time to name your popup campaign and you also need to choose the website you want to display the campaign in.

Step 3: Customizing your campaign

Once you have selected the coupon type campaign, you can start customizing your campaign such that it matches your website and attracts your customers.
After you click on the start building button, you will be taken to the design dashboard where you can easily customise your popup to suite your requirement using the simple drag and drop features.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 6

Step 4: Editing display rules

Once you have completed the customization part you can edit the display rules.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 7

You can display your popup only on the pages you wish, such that the users get the right coupon codes on the right pages.
Select the if rule such that popup will display if the rule is achieved by the customer. The most common rules you can follow for best results are, ‘time on page’ and ‘when exit detected’.
Also, create the ‘And’ rule to show the pages you wish the popups to be displayed. You can select categories, tags or even single pages to display these popups.

Step 5: Publishing your Coupon popup

Now that you had a great campaign created, you can save the campign and publish it to the website.

How to create coupon popups for best conversions 8

One the top corner you can find a Save Button which you can use to save your campaign as a draft. Once you are all done with editing click on the publish button on top and toggle the status bar to live.
And the campaign will be visible in your OptinMonster dashboard in the WordPress dashboard.


Now that you have successfully displayed your first coupon popup, your customers will start using the coupons in an effective way.

To build an email list using OptinMonster, simply use the integrations tab of your campaign to connect OptinMonster to your email marketing service.
That’s it for now, hope this guide gave you a quick start in creating your first coupon popup. And if you are still trying to increase your conversion rates then you can try the floating bars, Countdown timers from OptinMonster for effective conversations.
If you are still stuck at any point, feel free to ping us in the comment section below.

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