How to create a GIF online without any software in your PC

To create a GIF, many first think of installing a photo editing apps like Photoshop etc. but for those who do not have that much knowledge of making use of this software is a big waste of time and storage.

Here we are going to discuss how we can create a GIF even from external sources from the internet without downloading any software. First of all, you need to know what a GIF is. A GIF is a simple playback of some photos as a video. These GIFs do not have voice over them. These can be created from 2 or more images playing them randomly.

create a gif

If you have a photo editing software, you will well know how to create a GIF. But it’s not at all a big to have software and learn how to use that software to make a simple GIF.

How to create a GIF in any photo editing software

If you have photo editing software you may create your own GIFs by following some simple techniques. You can make use of as many images as you like. Creating a GIF from video is also possible.

  • Open your photo editing software
  • On the taskbar, you see ‘frame animation’ or ‘create GIF’ options
  • Click on that and a workspace opens
  • Upload your photos to that workspace and arrange them
  • Adjust the time for each photo
  • Click on the create GIF

Then your GIF will be ready and you can use that GIF to send a message. Or post to social media. In case you are using a Photoshop. You can click on the ‘frame animation’ and directly upload your photos and your GIF will be created.

Create GIFs using online websites

There are much more ways to create these GIFS other than software. There are many online websites to create GIFS. Here in these websites, you don’t need to get any software to create GIFS. All you need is just an account on the website.

To create a GIF you need to follow these simple procedures.

  • Search for a good website to create GIFS
  • Register into the website. (some GIF creating websites doesn’t need to be registered)
  • Upload your photos or video
  • Click on ‘create GIF’ option

Hence your GIF will be ready for you. Make sure that you choose a right platform before making GIFS. Some websites will ask you to proceed with a payment after you create a GIF. There are many free GIF maker websites that give free services for you. Some of them are given below.

How to create a GIF using chrome addons

These days everybody wants everything but no one will like to have a full burden of software which we have to learn and practice. Even if we want to create a small GIF in this software we need to know the entire functionality.

Hence to make these things easy there are many shortcuts introduced by many app developers. One among those is to create GIFs using chrome addons. These chrome addons can be added to your browser as I explained in the previous post ‘Chrome Addons’.

Here are some addons that are suitable to create a GIF online.

  • MakeGIF video capture
  • Jiffy-the GIF creating plugin
  • Make a GIF
  • GIF Me
  • Animated GIF maker
  • GIF your face

From these plugins, you can directly create your GIF from the web page itself. If you are browsing the internet and you have seen some pictures or videos. You will think of creating a GIF using this media. But you need to download the images and import them if you are using a photo editor. If you have one of these plugins you can simply by right clicking on the image you want.


By using the above methods you can create gifs in your own ways. You can also find video tutorials on how to make a GIF from a video and how to make a GIF in Photoshop.

Stop depending on irritating software for small purposes. Use these Free GIF maker websites and plugins to make your GIF more realistic.

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