What is Cortana? New experience of Cortana Windows 10

Most of us may not yet hear about Cortana Windows 10. The Cortana is the special feature in windows 10. This was been developed by Microsoft for windows 10.

Microsoft has made a very advanced thinking in introducing the Cortana in Windows 10. For many, searching for information has become habitat. But doing the same type of searching through type board has become somewhat difficult. Hence by introducing a talking lady in the computer made it good.

cortana windows 10

The Cortana in windows 10 is a lady sitting in the windows 10 OS, peacefully answering all your queries. The Cortana Windows 10 features are that to make the style of searching the web easy. The Microsoft Cortana uses the Bing search engine for the queries.

How to enable Cortana Windows 10

The windows Cortana is installed in your windows 10 OS beforehand. But it should be enabled for the first time to use it. It will be activated by following the given steps.

  • Click on the Cortana and you will see a Cortana Home Page.

cortana Home

Here in Cortana Home page, you see a set of options. There you will find the settings options. Clink on the settings option to proceed to change the settings of how Cortana responds.

  • There you find some options.


On the settings bar, there will be an option asking you whether to respond when you say “hey Cortana”. This option can also be changed that Cortana to respond only on clicking the search button.

How Cortana starts responding to you

When you say “hey Cortana” she will start listening to and responds to your queries. The Microsoft Cortana will sit there on the taskbar until you say “hey Cortana”. It only starts responding when it hears that words in a regular order. You can also make Cortana respond only to your voice by explaining your voice to it.

To make Cortana Windows 10 more specified to you, you can add your name to it. So that Cortana responds to you saying your name. If it is not you talking to Cortana it will simply skip the name if the guest mode is enabled.


Setting reminders on Cortana

remainder in cortana

In Cortana along with many best features, there is also a feature of setting reminders. If you set a reminder, the Cortana will talk to you about it regularly. You can also set a frequency of repeating of the remainder by her.

If you don’t need to be reminded many times, you can set it to respond at the specific time of the event.

What more does Cortana bring for you

Even though Cortana is for talking to you about all the events and programs running on the computer, you can also set her to talk to you only through pop-ups. By this Cortana keeps silent and gives you pop-up notifications when necessary.

The weather updates are very regular. And they are frequently spoken out to the user. If you are wanted to have a ride to a place you can directly ask Cortana for directions and the directions will be shown up.

Cortana Windows 10 notification area

All the notifications of the apps and browsers are brought to one place in windows 10 that is to Cortana. She will keep all the notifications at her place and informs you of every notification. But it will start reading only when an instruction is given to it.

The best thing of Cortana is that anything is not just spoken out without the instruction of the user.

Ask Cortana for your files

Cortana also allows you to ask her to search for files on your PC. If you ask her to search a file or any other document, it will look up for it and brings it on to the desktop.

Even though it searches the files it will not open it until your instruction to open it.


By having Cortana, it is like having a person in your house who responds to all your questions and bringing you whatever you order.

Cortana is made much easy with well-improvised voice recognition techniques. Like Cortana in iPhone, there is a feature named “Siri” that listens to you and acts accordingly.

The Google also got a technique of listing to people and this is activated by saying “ok Google”.

Go ahead of using Cortana and have a good experience of talking to a computer and get all things done by it with just your speech.

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