Chrome addons: Make your browsing faster with Chrome addons

Chrome addons are just simple shortcuts to make your work faster. Many of us may not be aware of even what is an addon. These addons are useful for those who continuously browse the internet and make some information for themselves.

If you are not using these addons it is that you are not a good internet swimmer. The functionality of these addons is so good that we need not open a new page to find our additional information regarding that addon.

Chrome addons

For instant think that you are writing an email, even though you are a good writer there may be some errors in your message. What will you do then? To my knowledge, you will open some other grammar app or website or any other messaging app. Import your message there. You check it then export it from there. This is all a bit hard to. Therefore the addon for grammar check can be installed in your browser. This will correct all you message as you are typing.

Not only grammar addons there are many addons chrome that make your work easier. If you want to print the page as PDF, you can install a Print-Friendly addon for chrome. From that, you can directly print your page as PDF.

How to install Chrome addons

The chrome addons are available for free in Chrome web store. You can directly install those addons to your browser without any hesitation. Here is a simple procedure how to add Chrome addons for your browser.

Step 1:

Chrome addons

Open the Chrome browser and go to the homepage. if your chrome is not up to date it is better to update it. This is because some versions of addons may not work properly for old versions of Chrome. From the browser, click the three dots at the top right corner. Now in that select the settings option.

Step 2:

Chrome addons

Now a new tab opens. And from that tab select the extensions option. In the extension option, you find all the addons that are already activated on your browser. If you have not installed any yet, some default addons of chrome are shown there.

Step 3:

Chrome addons

Then scroll down to bottom and you will see an option ‘Get More Extensions’. Click on that button and you will be directed to the ‘Chrome Web Store’. Now you can search your extension and select one which suits your taste and add it to Chrome Browser.

From the same tab, you can even find attractive themes, apps and even games. Many of the Chrome addons are for free. Even though the free chrome addons give you the good support you can update to premium Chrome addons for better results.

If you are using a Firefox browser there are also some good Firefox addons that give same functionality as for the chrome. Even though you are using different browser many functionalities are same for both.


As a blogger, my full passion is writing articles and searching for information all over the internet. For me, these chrome addon to make it faster help the most. My Chrome extensions are very much helpful to me. For grammar corrections, I use Grammarly extension. This extension suggests me the mispronunciations and grammar mistakes. By this most of my time is saved, because, it is not necessary to proofread my article once again for mistakes.

You may think that these chrome cast extensions are suitable for those who always work on the internet.  But there are many offline Chrome extensions that work even without an internet connectivity.

Stop struggling with opening your regular web sites for browsing. Get these addons integrated into your browser and check them out directly from your menu bar. For more extensions, you can refer to Chrome Webstore

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