Best Virtual Reality Apps for your Smartphone

Virtual Reality Apps. It is a bit costly to give a try for a virtual reality experience. HTV Vive is the best equipment to have a good virtual reality experience. We should spend many pounds to have one a few days back, but not for now.

As the time is going on many alternatives came along to every new technology. The alternative to having a virtual reality is simply in your hand. You don’t need much of equipment to have a virtual reality experience these days. Just a smartphone in your hand is all enough.

virtual reality apps

Many virtual reality apps have been launched in the recent years that give the same feeling as if using an HTC Vive. All you have to do to use these virtual reality apps is that you need to buy Google Cardboard VR. The Google CardBoard is simply a cardboard sheet that can be used as goggles. You can keep your smartphone in it and you can start experiencing the effect of virtual reality.

Best Virtual reality apps

You need to download the virtual reality apps that are available on the online stores. For your convenience here I give you some of the best virtual reality apps that suit better for your smartphone.

1. Cardboard Camera

cardboard camara

The Cardboard Camera is one of the best Virtual reality apps. This was developed by Google. This virtual reality app allows you to capture photos and videos and convert them into virtual reality. By using this the Cardboard camera app you can experience best scenes and sound in every direction. You can also experience 3d in this virtual reality app.

The 3D view is that it shows the nearer objects look nearer and far objects look far. Just capture your best moment in Google’s cardboard camera and share a Virtual Reality. Just clip in your smartphone to a google cardboard. Everything is done for you.

2. The Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Bohemian Rhapsody is powered by Google play and Queen. This virtual reality games app is just like a game.  It is a journey through Freddie Mercury’s subconscious mind. It reacts to your movements. The audio and all will be in your control and feels as if you are on the stage. The 360 degrees view is available on the Bohemian Rhapsody Experience the virtual reality app.

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience is one of the Virtual reality games apps that shows you virtual reality even without a VR device. This app is available for you on the Google Play store. For the best experience on VR just keep your smartphone in the Google Cardboard.

3. Vanguard V

Vanguard V

Vanguard V is another VR gaming app that gives you a virtual reality effect of being in a realistic world of shooting range. This virtual reality app takes you to deepest of the earth. This is a VR game with good reality effects and sound.

In this game, you play as Qu. QU is one who tracked the parasite menace from worlds afar. With the help of her A.I. companion fighting to save the planet’s inhabitants from annihilation. Fly in the low orbit while you re-enter the atmosphere, swim in the waters of the ocean, dive into the tunnel from the initial impact. Make your way to the centre of the planet. Lock on with your VR targeting system. Blast through the alien threat! For best experience view it in Google cardboard.

4. Sisters

Sisters virtual reality

Sisters is another Virtual reality games app. This is a ghost story shown in virtual reality. This app was developed by another world interactive team. Here in this game, you find amazing sounds and virtual reality effects making this one of the best online virtual games for teens.

A 360-degree view is possible in this virtual reality games app. You can also view this game in VR Cardboard. Although this app doesn’t work in all of our devices it is a best free online virtual world game app for Google cardboard.




BAMF VR is another Virtual reality game of all the best online virtual reality games that give you a best virtual reality games experience. What you should do is just collect the shining crystals. Remember to keep your Android phone in your Google cardboard to have the best experience.

This is the best virtual reality game app that gives you an illation of being in a realistic world. This VR Game is fully Google Cardboard supported. This game was developed by 30 Endymion Mews.



We feel excited to watch a movie in a theatre. The big screen, the amazing DTS sounds, base etc… If we add something additional to this, like 3D effects it will be simply amazing. Those are a few years back. Now the trend has changed to virtual reality devices. Here you see things flying all around you. People walk beside you. You will be the one who will be swimming in waters.

All this is created by virtual reality devices. You need not go to a theatre to feel all these things. Just a Google cardboard is everything you need. This Google cardboard is just like a simple cardboard sheet that can be converted into goggles. Install one of the virtual reality apps that suit better with your smartphone. Now insert the smartphone into your Google Cardboard. Hence is done. A world of virtual reality is at your eyes.

Start trying these virtual reality apps shown above to have best virtual reality experience. There also much virtual reality games free for your mobiles and to have a great virtual reality experience. You can also try virtual reality headset for PC. 

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