Best messaging apps every smartphone user should have

Best messaging apps. Before knowing about the best messaging apps, what is messaging? Messaging is not a new thing to mankind. The man started messaging through letters (even though the sources changed by ages). Later on due to the disastrous (not that it was bad but more) increase in the technology stopped messaging but started talking.

But from decades he became talkative so again he started talking and began writing. Not with pen but technology. The technology improved so much that now no marks of ink are there on his hand. He started writing without the pen. But he had found many better ways of communication while in messaging.

Starting from normal messaging it now reached even to the high ends. Many beautiful and amazing free messaging apps for android have been developed by many. Many free messaging apps have been launched for android and also IOS users.

Best messaging apps for both Android and iPhone users:

best messaging apps

There will be a default messaging app in every mobile. Even though you had, you can add other best messaging apps for your device. Here are some of the best messaging apps for your android and IOS. These are also free Messaging apps that don’t cost even a buck.

1. Whatsapp

As everybody knows WhatsApp has now become the best messaging app for android and IOS of any other apps. This is one of the popular messaging apps. If you wanted to hang on with your friends, WhatsApp will be the best one among all other apps, since they might have been already using it.

The features of WhatsApp are that along with messages you can also share your photos, videos and voice messages. All you needed is just an internet access.

2. Facebook messenger

This was once the best messaging media but as the WhatsApp came on the way it took the little struggle to withstand. Even though, this was still one of the best messaging apps. the facility of sending stickers is the best thing in the facebook messenger.

The voice calling and video chatting are the additional features added to the facebook messenger in the last couple of years. The person you wanted to send a message to need not have a messenger app to view the message, unlike WhatsApp. Having a facebook account is all enough.

3. Viber

Viber is normally known as a video calling app for everyone. But behind it, there are good messaging facilities hidden. The easy to use interface of the Viber makes the users more comfortable using Viber.

By using Viber you can send messages, send emoticons, images, gifs and also videos. The best thing is that there is a wide range of sticker collection in the Viber to share your feelings with your friends.

4. Telegram

The telegram is recently evolved messaging app that everyone should know about. There are much better features than any other best messaging apps like WhatsApp. The interface of the Telegram is so advanced and user-friendly.

You can share your messages and any other media in a fraction of seconds. Another best feature is that you can also set your messages to self-destruct. This app is available on both android and IOS.

5. WeChat

WeChat has become the best messaging apps with much popularity. We Chat is now being used by 697 million people. This was now going ahead to global reach.

The WeChat provides the users for free instant messages, video chats, voice calls, group chat, and even to send media. This also has an additional feature like ‘Shake’ to find the friends nearby. This app was available for both android and IOS users.


Yes, you have seen the Best Messaging Apps for IOS and Android you might have been using only one of the messaging apps among these. It is time to explore some other features of messaging. As these, all are of different developers you can have all these best messaging apps in your mobile.

All those best messaging apps are available for both android and IOS. You can have them from Google play store and IOS store. You just need an internet connection to run these apps. Why waste time on a single messaging app, explore the additional ones.

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