Best GPS Navigation Apps for Android and IOS Users 2021

Best GPS navigation apps 2020. Google Maps is one of the best GPS  apps that every person thinks of. For navigation Google Maps is perfect. It is updated regularly than any of the other GPS navigation Apps. Hence just for navigation Google Maps is the best choice.

Navigation is not only the thing looked for in the GPS  Apps. There are many best GPS apps that come with many of the other features. In Google store and IOS app store, there are many Best GPS apps that are available for both android, IOS. Many of these GPS navigation apps work online. But there are also some GPS apps that work offline. By using these apps we need not worry about having an internet connection every time. You can use the maps for offline purposes in these apps.

I give you the best GPS  apps that suit for both android,IOS. Every navigation app has its own default like not having good resolution and all. Here I give you the best GPS apps.

Best GPS Navigation Apps for android

On talking about GPS apps the first app that strikes our mind is Google Maps. But still, there are many best GPS Apps for android users. Here is a list of free android GPS apps.

1. CoPilot GPS


This is one of the best GPS apps for android. By using this app you can plan your route smartly. A very clear guidance in navigation is provided by this CoPilot GPS direction app. You can get a very useful local knowledge by using this app.

Once you plan your route and enter your destination you can save the maps for offline purposes. Thus there is no fear of loading your map every time your screen blinks. In the CoPilot app, you can also upgrade to 3D mapping and voice guidance is also available. Live traffic can also be viewed if your app is upgraded to pro version. You can get this app for free in Google play store.


This is a best maps and GPS coordinates app for android phone. This app was trusted by many road travellers all the day. As there is the facility of downloading maps offline, more money is saved on the internet. You can use navigation while driving, walking anywhere in the world.

The app will be up to date as a well-trained crew is working for it all the time. You can add liked places and save them directly on the maps. The best feature in this app is that you can also check whether a road is uphill or downhill. You can get this app for free in the Google play store.

3. MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps


MapQuest, one of the best GPS apps is so user-friendly to use. The features of this GPS phone app are so good that it is better than Google Maps.

With MapQuest, you get an up-to-date satellite imagery and vector maps. Voice guided, turn to turn navigation is also possible in this app. In this app, if you select the destination the best route is planned for you. Rerouting due to traffic and closures is also available in this app. These all features makes this app more user-friendly.

Best GPS Navigation Apps for IOS

All the GPS  apps that are used in Android are not suitable for IOS. There are some special apps that work on IOS too. So here I listed some of the best GPS  apps that work for IOS.

1. Waze


Waze is one of the best offline GPS apps for IOS. This app has many features that compete with the Google maps. In addition to these features, there is one remarkable thing in this navigational app.  That is you can connect with other drivers in your area and can share real-time traffic with them.

By this time and fuel will be saved. The best option in Waze is that you can contribute the traffic suggestions to the database. In this way, somebody may not be suffering in the traffic knowingly. You can also add pictures of traffic in the app and also can view others reports and pictures.

2. Motion X GPS

Motion X GPS

Motion X is the first navigational app that entered into the iPhone app market. This became the best GPS for car and a powerful navigational app later on. This app lets you see track your position anywhere in the world on open topographic and road maps.

Apple road, satellite and hybrid maps are available in motion X. You can select a map layout out of nine choices which were a very good thing no other app gives. You can also record time, speed and distance. Using this app you can save up to 101 tracks. There are much more you can explore using this app. You can get it for free from app store.

3. Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is one of the other best GPS Apps we remember when talking about IOS. This app was started in 2012. Although at the beginning this app had a very rough start it, later on, this app had a good interface and became user-friendly.

While talking about navigational maps people only like simple interface with many features. This app gave that all. At the beginning, this is the only app that is available for iPhone users at that time. Even though the app was a little older, many prefer to this app till now.

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The above listed are the best GPS Apps for navigation in android, IOS. Some navigational apps like google maps work on both android, ios but there are some apps restricted to certain. Hence need to have separate apps for each.

Try one of those best GPS apps for navigation from android, IOS stores.

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