Best Email Service providers who are still being top in 2018

Literally to say there are hundreds of Email service providers. There are many of them which provide free email service providers and also there are paid ones. There is much to say about these email service providers. In an email service, you can send emails to the persons that you want to send the message to. It is not necessary that the other person should use the same email service provider. To register to websites and other services email is a compulsory thing.

email service providers

The email is abbreviated as electronic mail. This was introduced beforehand of the development of the smartphones, which made a big revolution in the digital world. Still, these email services are the better options to share personal information with others.

The basic features of the email are listed below.

  • Business module Emailing
  • Private chats
  • Sending of files
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Email Service providers for free

The email services are a very wide range and are listed below. The below given are the free email services list that provides you free services all along.

mail service list

There are some of these email services that are still top and continue to provide services to their customers. Some of those best email service providers are listed below with a brief description for each.


the Gmail is one of the most popular mail providers. Gmail is the first and foremost thing that has been started and became the best service of all the other mail services. In Gmail, the best thing is that you can share your emails or any other documents in a fraction of seconds.

You can also pin various files to your email. One thing better in Gmail than any of the other mail services is that when you send any file you can preview it directly without downloading it. This is because of the wide range of tools developed by Google. In any of the other services, there are no these many tools developed.

Rediff mail

The Rediff mail is also a Gmail service that helps you send and receive emails. The Rediff mail is not just a service that helps you share emails. This email provider app also allows us to browse the internet and make anything for you at one place.

The dashboard of the Rediff mail is so impressive. This Rediff mail also allows you to send media through the mail by just pinning it to the email.

Yandex mail

The Yandex email provides you for scheduling your mail. And also you can get messages for messages having no reply in the Yandex mail. This also provides unlimited storage. For flexible access, the Yandex mail also provides POP and as well as IMAP. It is also easy to find the email by thread and contact.

The Yandex mail provides you unlimited storage. It includes an RSS feed reader. This RSS feed reader operates separately from email and does not treat news like the message. There are various themes that make the Yandex colourful. mail

The outlook is one of the best email service providers for small business. This is also a free email service that provides you unlimited storage. IMAP and POP access are also available in many email programs. You can redirect all the emails that come to one mail to send it to another mail. In the outlook there is support for each text editing, drag and drop option is also available in the Outlook.

The mailbox is categorised into many categories like ‘newsletter’, ‘social updates’, and ‘family’ to differentiate all the emails from each other. You can also add categories to the mailbox. By this navigation is easy in the mailbox of outlook.

Aim Mail

The Ai mail is a free web-based email service that provides you to send and receive emails. The POP and IMAP access is also provided in the Aim mail.

In the Aim mail email service, there is special too known as AOL that provides filtering of spam. This will make all the unwanted emails that come to your email move to the spam folder. You can also set auto-reply option in the Aim male. This will help the sender to be notified of how long were you out of Aim, so that the sender may take another way to contact you.



The above are the top mail providers. The email is the first writable message that made the world in this much development. Although emails are less used because of the new and good messaging apps, for some important information and business forms still mailing is used.

These email service providers are developed one after one, which became the good reason to explore much accessibility. If you are thinking of sending a professional message it will always be good to opt an email service provider.

Start your conversations by just creating your own email account in the above email service providers. You can also have better options than these by having paid email services. There are also many best-paid email services.

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