Best Cloud Storage: Why carry storage devices everywhere, access your data everywhere with ease

Before knowing what is cloud computing, and best cloud storage available, let us know about cloud storage. A cloud storage is used to save our information virtually. In other words, we can term it as an invisible hard drive.

Sometimes it is very difficult to store all our information as there will be no good facilities to store data like secure offsite data storage. In this type of situation, virtualisation cloud computing, a cloud drive is most useful. By storing your data in a cloud drive you can access your data and files from any device that is having an internet connection.

Cloud storage or cloud drive helps us very well in our day to day life. Backing up data to a cloud storage or a network attached storage does not even take time as of burning a DVD. By using a cloud storage one can carry their data even without any materialistic things.

By opting for best cloud storage or cloud backup you are obviously opting for best free online photo storage and media storage.

There are many best Cloud storage providers hanging on with cloud computers all around. Many of them provide Cloud Hosting them for free. Some of them give us even an unlimited storage and all the below cloud storages are of free cloud storage.

Most of all the cloud storage provide security to our data. There is no risk of losing the devices. While we carry our information in any pen drive or a disk there is a risk of losing the drives or spoiling of drives.

Best Cloud Storage

Many of us while surfing the internet on seeing a good article tries many ways to save that information. They try to save the article or download it to the USB drive. If you just use a cloud storage they can just keep that safely in the drive.

Best Cloud storage available for you

Best cloud storage is provided by many online websites. Some of them with bigData services are listed below.

Google Drive

Google Drive

The Google Drive is the best cloud storage with free online cloud storage of all the other cloud storages. Google Drive offers 15GB of free disk space of online storage for every user and is also a free cloud storage. The Google drive cloud technology other than storing the data also provides many other features. Many web-based applications are available on the Google drive like documents, Spreadsheets, presentations and much more.

The documents app is similar to a Microsoft Word document used for composing letters, essays, and text-based files. The spreadsheets are used for organising information. It is similar to Microsoft Excel. To create slideshows a presentations application similar to PowerPoint is available in the Google drive.

Drop Box

drop box drive

The Drop Box is the another best cloud storage that is used to store your data. The Drop Box initially offers 2GB of disk space which can be extended up to 16GB by referring it to friends. There is also the pro version available which gives a space up to 1TB.

In fact, this drop is useful for individuals.  At the same time, Drop Box is mostly meant for organisations and groups. Depending on the disk space you utilised pricing depends on.

One Drive

one drive

One Drive is another best cloud storage. This One Drive is otherwise called as a SkyDrive, or Windows Live SkyDrive etc. The One Drive offers a disk space of 5GB to its users. This One Drive once used to offer 15GB.

The One Drive comes installed in the Windows 10. This allows you to save your photos and documents automatically. The photos and documents saved in the One Drive are tagged based on the visuals automatically and are kept organised and searchable. You can give access to others and some real time notifications intimate you when your documents are being edited by them.

Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon cloud drive

The Amazon Cloud Drive is also the best cloud storage among all the free cloud storages. It is most useful for individuals who wanted to save their gallery safely. If you are one of the prime members of Amazon you will get free cloud photo storage that is you get an unlimited storage for photos on this Amazon Cloud Drive.

An app for Amazon cloud drive is available for mobiles and tablets. This makes browsing of your images easy. The only con of using an Amazon cloud drive is that it does not save any word documents in its drive. The word documents are available when you open in the browser, but they do not open in the app.



pCloud is an another best Cloud drive. The pCloud Cloud Drive offers a disk space of 10GB for an account. This disk can be extended for extra 10GB more by referring friends to pCloud. The premium drive provides an additional space up to 2TB along with some additional features.

In pCloud cloud storage, there is no file size limit. Files can be shared even with non pCloud users. One can easily backup files to a pCloud or share them from the website or from a desktop software or a mobile app. The special feature in the pCloud is that we can get a quick access to favourite folders.


The above-mentioned cloud websites and cloud servers will offer you the best cloud storage. Along with these cloud storages, there are also some other cloud storages like windows cloud hosting that provide you many other additional properties like cloud photo storage options and enterprise cloud storage and encrypted cloud storage. Every cloud service has its own way to solve online backup solutions.

While talking about a cloud storage that first doubts that strike our mind will be, Is storing our data in Internet safe? As seen in the discussions of many professional bloggers in cloud computing world forums, it is absolutely very safe to store our data on the internet. It also sets us free from the burden of carrying all our storage devices wherever we go.

Even though the cloud drives are very secure, it is not safe to store sensitive information on the net. It is always important to check the cloud storage security in whichever cloud storage you use. If you are needed to use more features in the cloud storages you can upgrade as an enterprise cloud storage user by getting premium cloud storage.

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