Hide your personal apps with advanced technology

These days, finding an app and installing it in the Android mobile is not a big deal. But keeping that app privately from others is a big deal for everybody. There are some app lock applications (like App Locker app) that are available on Google play store and other app providers, which help us to keep our apps safely.

Although Android has some security options integrated into it, it doesn’t have all the advanced security features. Some features may be very useful to some users, but many users who carry on very sensitive information on their apps.

App Locker

To lock apps there are some app lockers. These apps provide good security by locking them while opening. These are some of the app lockers that will give you best security features.

Best app locker for android mobiles

Having an app locker for android is not a big deal but having potential security to other apps in the device is important. So, here we have done some research for you and sorted three best app lockers for android.

App Lock

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The app lock is an android app locker which lets you lock any app. This is a very lightweight app. The app lock provides some other features along with the default ones. Along with the apps, you can also lock individual messages, photos, videos and even contacts using this app lock app locker.

The interesting feature in this app is that you can also hide the launch icon. By hiding the launch icon no one can notice that this app is installed on your device. Even though they notice it asks for a password.

The additional features in this app locker are that there is a picture vault available in the app where you can hide your images and videos. We can also set apps to lock for a specific time. We can also keep a fake pop up to confuse the intruder. There are also many additional features like fingerprint notifier and so on.

This app was developed by DoMobile lab. App lock Google play. You can download the app lock application from the Google play store.

Leo Protector

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The Leo Protector is the another best security lock app. This is a best app locker that provides you for locking all your apps thus providing good privacy than any other app locker. You can hide your call logs and messages from your friends by using this app. Gallery and Facebook, WhatsApp can be privately hidden by using this app locker application.

The latest version of Leo protector has been updated and now have a good professional look. This supports android 4.0 to the latest. A special feature in this app is that this app also blocks spam and unwanted calls and put them on the blacklist.

When your mobile is lost or stolen, by using this app you can easily locate it with just a message. This also takes snaps of the persons who intrude into your device without your permission. Better boosting of your mobile can also be done using this app.

 App Locker Master

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The app locker master is another best app key locker for your android device. This app is lightest and fastest app locker with only 2 MB for installation. You can lock all the apps in your mobile or individuals apps can also be locked using this Apps Locker Master. By using this app you can feel free when your mobile is shared with your friends. You can also freely give it to children to play even if there are some important things which you don’t want others to share with.

You can keep a pattern or a pin to unlock your apps. The launching icon can also be hidden. The themes are also very responsive and good looking. If a fingerprint is available for your mobile, this app also provides a fingerprint recognition when unlocking of apps.

In some mobiles like Oppo, the Apps locker master will automatically turn off. This is all because those mobiles turn off the background apps. To get out of this problem you can just add this app to your wish list.

Last Words

Here you have seen three best app locker apps for your android mobile. Although these are best apps for keeping your apps privately, there are also some more app lockers like google app locker, apps lock and gallery hider, App lock(pattern) etc. These apps provide better privacy to your content. Make sure you have read the privacy policy well before installing any of these app lockers to your device.

There are also some other apps that not only lock our apps but also completely remove the launcher icon of a particular app. This provides the intruder not even think that there is an app hiding in the background.

When some photos and videos are locked using these lockers they are not visible in the gallery. If you want to see them again in the gallery you need to restore them in the app locker.

While using these app lockers fingerprint is the safest method. At any cost, this cannot be duplicated.

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