8 tips to make app development your passion

For app development here are 8 general tips that any good developer should follow, or at least those who aspire to become one. This article means only the care to be taken to develop good apps and make app development a passion. The mobile app development has become the most important thing for app developers.

Tips to make app development your passion

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1) Do not go wrong

One of the biggest shocks I had, when I started my studies, was to come across students with this kind of speech:

For me, if I study computer science it’s not for dealing with codes all my life eh! After my degree, I will be a project manager and I will not work for less than 50k.

If you thought you were going to be an ambitious person by saying that, you will be a looser in app development android.

One finds this type of profiles in school – and subsequently in the world of work – for a good reason: it is the direct consequence of the communication of all private institutes that sell only by promising wages of 35k Minimum at the exit.

If your main motivation is money, you will never make a good developer (or other craft that requires an ounce of creativity). So leave this job to those who have a good reason to do it and start looking for something you really like.

2) Be curious (and stay)

Or consider changing jobs.

Very few people realise it, but as a developer to create an app, your learning never stops for app development.

If you do not claim to be a curious person and if you feel that your current knowledge is sufficient for you, then again: this job is not for you.

And since it does not hurt to be interested in other areas than programming, look at other sectors as well! Management, human resources or system administration (in small doses) is fabulous topics to study and that will help you on a daily basis.

3) Learn to be autonomous

What do you do when you encounter a problem and a person next to you has the solution? You ask him for help and if it is a nice person, she will bring it to you.

Two days later, a new problem. The person who has already helped you is two meters away. You think she probably has the solution, you ask her for help again.

Sometime later, rebelotte: “a wild bug”. You think she has the solution. Except for this time, it sends you wandering for a simple reason: by typing your bug in Google, the answer appears in the first 3 results!

The problem when you start to ask for help (and that we bring it on a tray) is that you can quickly get to forget how to look for yourself.

Learn to ask for help only when you have already spent time trying to find a solution by yourself in app development.

Keep in mind that all the problems that have been encountered have already been met and resolved 99% of the time. It is enough “just” to be able to identify them.

4) Become bilingual

For the app developer, it is important to Code in English, comment in English, commute in English…

Many newbie developers are struggling with Shakespeare’s language. Surprisingly these are often the same who have trouble doing the simplest searches on Google for app development.

Once you have adopted this reflex, you will realise that you will find solutions much more quickly to your problems and that in addition, they will often be of much better quality.

Because yes, it’s a fact: good developers do everything in English. Live with it.

5) Make the watch

If you’re reading these lines, it’s probably a bit like that. Congratulations!

Currently, the best source of information you can find as a developer is undoubtedly Hacker News (all technologies and languages are there). And no, this is not a totally subjective opinion.

Read news sites that help you all, that’s good. Going to find information at its source to make its own idea is better for app development.

6) Interested in design, ergonomics and user experience

Design simple products that do what you ask them without getting into the superfluous. It sounds silly like that, but it is a very difficult exercise.

Imagine that we give the following subject to two teams of developers: “Make a website to order train tickets”.

There are those who will do an app which will have thought of a lot of great features that nobody will use (remember, here we are looking to order train tickets) and there are those who will arrive with a product Simple and pleasant to use.

So, what is good software from a user perspective?

It is software that meets a specific need and responds quickly and well.

It is a software that we take pleasure in using daily. What’s more frustrating than being forced to use a bad app?

It is software that can be used “out of the box”, intuitively, without having to ask questions or need to read the leaflet.

I heard from a friend who spent a year in a company where he constantly heard about the features, features and even features. As a result, they ended up with overloaded interfaces, menus and submenus in all directions and we almost completely abandoned the user experience. And for good reason, we did not use our software ourselves.

Love the things done well and create products that you would enjoy using every day!

7) Stay open-minded and do not attach yourself to technology

Because in any case, it will be obsolete in a few years for app development!

Sell yourself as an expert of what you want when you’re looking for work to the limit, but stay open-minded.

Yes, you have the right to be good on a techno or a language. But know also to recognise their weaknesses and keep them in mind. It will be easier to change when you feel the wind turning!

And then at least you will not end up like those old teachers who still teach today but seem to be stuck at the height of the C in the 80s.

8) Have a personal project that is important to you

This last point is the most important. If you succeed in satisfying it, you should at the same time satisfy all the preceding points.

If you are looking for an idea and you are lacking in inspiration, I have an unstoppable technique to find projects. For a week, write down all the things that annoy you or frustrate you. At the end of the week, pick up your list item by item and ask yourself how you could make these things more enjoyable. Ideas should quickly emerge.

Then the risk is to start coding a robot capable of washing dishes before thinking about buying a washing machine, so eliminate the painful tasks with which everyone has to live. Or become a robot builder, but you’ll need a little more than a computer to start your business.

An alternative – if nothing comes out of your mind after a week and for whatever you like to do is to ask friends or relatives to indulge in the same experience. But as a general rule, they do not wait for you to ask them if they have everyday problems to solicit you!

Last words

For app creator, Ideally, your project will have to meet 3 criteria:

  • Solve a problem that directly affects you that makes you good in app development.
  • Respond to a need that is not met by an existing solution.
  • Be useful to other people who are experiencing the same problem and who can give you valuable advice.

In the end, no matter what the idea is, what counts is that ‘you have the feeling of having fun and not working when you realise it’. Developing is a passion before being a craft. If you do not take pleasure in coding, you should consider a retraining for app development. Even though it is easy to find an Android developer it is a bit difficult to find a IOS developer and an IOS app development company. It is always good to learn mobile app development software. It is always better to search for some android app development company USA, Android app development company India for jobs on app development.

Feel free to share your own experience in the comment box below.

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